Sunday, February 22, 2009

I gotta go potty weekend

Gabbie was sick with belly problems all weekend and it was not fun. We have noticed her belly has been hard and bloated. He bowel movements have been a bit odd (trust me you don't want the details.) Friday night around 10:00 she had diarrhea and she didn't go back to her bed until 12:45 and asleep until around the 1:30am. She was up promptly at 6:30am. It was not fun and we were all tired Saturday. She took a short nap only to be woke up by yet again more diarrhea. She is better today thankfully.

Now for the good news. Potty training is going quite well! Even with the terrible stomach problems she went every time (which was a whole lot) in the potty except for the 2 times in her diaper while in bed! That was quite impressive and quite appreciated by mommy and daddy! She is doing so good in her big girl underwear!!! The only bummer is last night at 11:30 she started saying "I gotta go potty mommy" over and over again so I got up, took her to the potty, she went tinkle, and back to bed. While I really appreciate her telling me, she had a diaper on, and I would have appreciated sleep more!!! Oh well as my friends said today, I can't have it both ways! We are restricting her right before bedtime drink so hopefully she will not wake us up to go tonight.

Now for some pictures. Even though she didn't feel good she managed to be playful and smiley.

It was a tutu weekend. She literally wore this thing all weekend. When she puts it in she spins and spins.

The tutu gives her attitude (not that it is needed)

We celebrated Joe's birthday at Grandma's house Saturday night and of course she had to wear the tutu there. She pranced around that house all night full of tutu-tude. I know what you are thinking. Nice outfit, right!!!

Of course she wouldn't cooperate for even 1 picture with Joe. Little stinker!

Instead of giving Joe a card with money in it my mom always gets him a can of ready whip, wraps it, and tapes money to it. Joe loves ready whip. Guess who else does:)
GG and Gabbie. GG had surgery on her feet about two weeks ago and Gabbie is so great with her. She is gentle and lovable. She just hopped right up into GG's chair and cuddled. She always knows how to make people feel better.

Today Gabbie mixed her Tinkerbell PJ's with basketball, and her tutu. What a combo!

She's got mad basketball skills! She loves to dunk.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Tonight we went to a friend's house for Valentine's Day. We had 8 adults and 8 children. Let's just says there were kids running everywhere! As always Gabbie had a blast, especially because baby Jordyn, Will, and Jay were all there. Now for pictures.

This picture was actually taken yesterday morning before Gabbie went to school. She was so excited to get her picture taken in her new Valentine's shirt!

Baby Jordyn

Jack and Gabbie - Aren't they adorable!

My big girl! I love how she now poses for pictures:)

Baby Jay

Baby Will

Gabbie and Gabe

Will, Gabbie, and Jay

Jay and Will

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home two years and potty training

Two years ago today we returned home from Guatemala with Gabbie. She was exactly 5 months and 1 week old. The pick up trip was rough to say the least. She had a hard time separating from her foster mother. Pretty much the whole trip was spent with her crying and Steve walking her around in the carrier to calm her down. The flight from Guatemala to Dallas was really rough. She cried the first hour and finally fell asleep. Poor Steve had to hold a blanket up for over an hour to keep the noise and commotion to a minimum while she slept because we were in the last row of the plane and right by the restroom. It was quite noisy there.

I will never forget getting off the plane in St. Louis with Gabbie and seeing our family and friends waiting. It was such an emotional moment. It was so obvious to me how much Gabbie was loved even though no one had met her until then. I think it is pretty safe to say she has brought us more joy than we ever could have imagined.

Now Gabbie is 2 years, 5 months, and 1 week old. I don't really know how that is possible. She has grown and changed so much. The newest thing is potty training. She has been wearing underwear since last Wednesday or Thursday (I can't remember) and she is doing great!!! We tried this a month ago and it failed miserably but I think she is ready now. We are so proud of her and love her so much.

Now for the pictures.

This was the first photo I took of Gabbie in Guatemala. It is one of my favorites of her.

This was taken the morning of her embassy appointment. I normally don't do frilly dresses but I did for this occasion and she was such a princess.

Steve and Gabbie in Antigua. This was pretty much her way of transportation this entire trip. She was happy facing out and kicking her legs. Look at how little she was!

This is the last picture we took in Guatemala. Steve and I wanted a picture with Guatemala on it somewhere but couldn't find one in the airport. We were running out of time so we hopped in front of this and had one of the workers take it. Not the best picture but that's okay.

These next pictures were taken back at our house the night we returned home.
Grandma was pretty happy to have Gabbie home!

Peyton and Gabbie - Apparently Peyton ate something blue that night and in all of the pictures she has a blue mouth! Peyton was quite excited to finally have her cousin home. I think we have it on video but at the airport she first said to Gabbie 'hi Gabriella I am your cousin Peyton". How cute is that!

Here is daddy bringing Gabbie up the steps to see her new room for the first time.

In her crib for the first time. She liked it and thankfully still does! I loved this perfect little shirt!

Finally these were taken this morning. My baby is getting so big. Ignore the lack of pants. It is easier to get undressed and on the potty without them!