Sunday, March 22, 2009

Easter Pictures

Friday we took Gabbie to get Easter pictures. I think they turned out pretty good considering I was afraid we wouldn't get any! Gabbie now loves me taking pictures but is very stranger shy. It normally takes her 20 minutes to warm up with someone she doesn't know. She hopped right in for these though and we even managed to catch several smiles!

I am really mad at myself because I did not take any pictures from the birthday parties this weekend:( We had a great time at both. Gabbie especially had a wonderful time with all of the kids.

Here are some of the pictures. Don't worry, we bought the CD and have the release!

Notice the boo boo on her arm. A little boy pushed her down on the playground, or so she says, and she got a boo boo. At first I didn't like this picture because of it but now it is one of my favorites!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today is Maw Maw's birthday. Since Steve and Cousin Joe are off for spring break this week Maw Maw and I decided to take off work today so we could have a fun filled day and that we did!

Steve, Gabbie, and I went and picked up Maw Maw and Joe at 9:15 and headed out for our day. We first started off with a trip to the City Museum in Saint Louis. It is this super cool place for kids of all ages. Gabbie had a blast. Such a big blast that after being there 3 hours she was crying when we told her it was time to go. She was not happy at all. She wanted to keep going down the slides and running like a wild child. Gabbie found quite a few areas of the City Museum she was fond of. There is an aquarium that had sharks that you could pet along with a bunch of other animals and reptiles. I also saw two ant eater type animals doing things kids shouldn't be watching. It was quite disturbing.

After leaving the City Museum we headed to have lunch and then back to our house to have some fun. Steve and Maw Maw went to a computer store and got Maw Maw a new computer. She is finally the owner of a computer at her house after all of these years. We all played outside with our cool new potato guns. We bought 2 at the museum. When Joe wanted them I thought he was crazy but to be honest we had a blast with them and I am wishing we would have bought more now. They made us all act like kids. Maw Maw was really into it until she wiped out in her back yard and was a muddy mess. Too bad I didn't have my camera on me for that! Finally we went to Maw Maw's house and set up her new laptop. Gabbie ended up only taking a 30 minute nap in the car on the way to Maw Maw's so we left there at 7:30 and Gabbie was fast asleep at 8:15.

It really was a fun day for all. Very active, but also very fun. Happy Birthday Maw Maw!!! I am glad you had a great day! Now for pictures.

Gabbie was really excited on the way to pick up Maw Maw and Joe!

Gabbie and Maw Maw - the color is off on this picture but I still thought it was a good one.

Gabbie and Maw Maw going down one of the slides. I love this picture! The look on Maw Maw's face is great!

Daddy and Gabbie

Mommy and Gabbie - I am so excited I had daddy actually take a picture of us! Not the best but it will work.

Gabbie going down another slide

Gabbie in the germ infested ball pit. Obviously you can tell by the over excited look on her face that she liked it!

Gabbie was quite brave. She climbed up this thing all on her own. A few times I thought we were going to have to rescue her but she did it. I kept worrying her crocs would get stuck in the bars though. I think mommy was more nervous than Gabbie! I was so proud of her though.

Gabbie, Maw Maw, and Joe in the aquarium.

Gabbie dragging daddy around.

Joe in the stinky suit! He said it smelled in there.

She sure liked this ice cream cone at lunch.

Gabbie and Joe playing at our house. She is crazy about her Joe Joe!

One last picture of my big girl. She is so fun to take pictures of now that she smiles away. Tomorrow we get Easter pictures done. Wish us luck!

Finally Happy Birthday to Papa and Baby Jordyn too! They all share the same birthday! We have their parties this weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flu, potty training, and yoga around the house

These last couple of weeks have stunk:( Last Monday night Steve and I became ill with the stomach flu. It was horrible, nasty, gross, everything bad! Yesterday I finally started feeling like myself and today I am feeling close to 100% normal. Fortunately the good news is so far Gabbie has not gotten sick!!! We are hoping it stays this way!

Gabbie is doing great with potty training!!! We are still using diapers/pull ups at naps and nights but a lot of those times she is even dry then. It is amazing how easy potty training her was when she was ready. We tried around Christmas but it didn't work. This time it worked! Also, I love how I don't have to buy diapers anymore and can spend more at tar-jay on other things instead!

Now for a few pictures. Gabbie was insistent on taking a lot of pictures last weekend. She even made Steve take pictures of the dog food bowl and chair. I guess she saw art in them? Maybe she will have a career in photography. I will spare you the 'artistic' photos for now.

During this photo session Gabbie was going all over the family room smiling a huge smile for the camera. She is so funny now how she loves to get her picture taken. It is like a dream come true for me! Well maybe not that great, but it is nice!

This starts the stretch of yoga around the house photos. She seriously had me follow her with the camera and take 10-15 photos of her doing yoga in different areas of the house. I was laughing so hard.

More yoga - look at that cute booty:)

Yoga by the table

Yoga on the landing of the stairs - okay you get the point!

My sweet baby girl

One last big cheese photo