Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is finally getting hot here in St. Louis. I think the high today was somewhere around 85 degrees. We spent the majority of the day inside cleaning and doing laundry. After naptime we went to Grandma's house to play for a while and then the family headed out to cousin Joe's baseball game. Gabbie had a blast of course because she got to run around like a wild woman and play baseball with her ball and pink bat. Tomorrow we plan on getting Gabbie a little pool to play in and just hanging out at home.

Here is my future baseball star! For being 20 months old she isn't too bad!

I love her little farmer's tan in this picture! She is just like her daddy!

This child gets so hot outside. Her head is full of sweat and her cheeks get rosy.

Watching the game with grandma next to her. They had fun playing together. Gabbie was all about her grandma today.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap

Wow what a busy fun filled weekend! Saturday I took Gabbie for another needed haircut. She was a perfect angel so I was relieved! We then hit the toy store for some bubbles, a bubble machine which isn't working, and a present for Jacob. Saturday afternoon we went to Pump It Up for Jacob's 4th birthday and it was wild! Imagine 20ish 4 year olds running around jumping, sliding, screaming, and acting crazy. I was a nervous wreck watching my little Guatemalan toddler nearly get trampled 10 times but it didn't faze her and she had a blast! Luckily daddy was able to enjoy the fun with her but I had to sit out because that place isn't a good place for a 33 year old woman, much less a 33 year old woman with a bad back. We ended Saturday night with dinner at Kriegers where Gabbie and Jack pigged out. Both of them are getting over that stomach bug and have been eating like champs.

Sunday we went to a BBQ and today went to the Gypsy Caravan which is basically a giant flea market with all sorts of things. I just love 3 day weekends with Gabbie!!! Ahh back to reality tomorrow though. Only 4 working days left!!!!

Now for some pictures.

Gabbie at Pump It Up

Gabbie LOVED jumping in this thing. I cannot even tell you how many face plants she did because there were so many but she didn't shed one tear. Instead she kept jumping and jumping!

This picture cracks me up! This is what happens when daddy takes Gabbie down the slide. Daddy got a little slide burn. Perfect timing for the camera though to catch that face!

Gabbie and Jennifer

Gabbie and Jack at dinner. They are so cute together.

When we were leaving we told them to kiss goodbye. Let me tell you they did and it was a huge kiss! Too bad my slow camera missed it:(

I wish I could get her to leave her shoes on.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One hungry toddler

Our household is getting over being sick with the flu. I will spare you the details. Not sure when your birthday is but regardless consider this your birthday present:)

From last Thursday until Tuesday night Gabbie did not eat but a couple of bites here and there. Now things have changed!!! This child is eating EVERYTHING. When she wakes up in the morning she is asking for bites. After the sitters today Steve said she was screaming "bite eat, hungry". They snacked on pretzels, chips and salsa which apparently is a new favorite of Gabbie's, and strawberries. Not even 15-20 minutes later when I got home she started screaming "eat" so she ate her Chicken-o-rings (a fairly large portion), greenbeans (another super large portion), and then 3 whole strawberries and these things were huge! She would have eaten more too if I would have gotten them for her but I didn't want her to get a belly ache since she just got rid of the flu. So thankfully she is eating and we are all feeling better! Oh and new word of the night is 'strawberries'. Before I fed them to her I asked if she wanted any strawberries and she said 'strawberries' as clear as day. Steve heard her too! I think that might be the biggest word she has said yet!

Now for a couple of pictures from the last week or so.

I took these next 3 pictures tonight. She was smiling for the camera being a huge ham. Normally she is a silly girl but when the camera comes out she gets all serious. Not tonight though! Maybe it was the food high? Looking at these pictures I cannot believe how much my baby girl is growing. In less than 2 weeks she will be 21 months old.

Miss serious

Crazy hair again! I think we are actually taking her for a haircut Saturday. Daddy says it is time.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Zoo time

Last Monday we took Gabbie to the zoo. We were so excited for her to ride the train but it was not running due to tree branches on the train tracks from the storms. We still had a good time though and after visiting the gift shop Gabbie made out with 2 stuffed animals as souvenirs, a penguin Mumbles (Gabbie loves Happy Feet) and a baby monkey with a diaper and binky. Now for some pictures from the day.

Gabbie is still going on the potty. She still has wet diapers but goes on the potty at least a few times each day. We are in no rush so we just let her go when she wants to. Here she is working on potty training with her stuffed animal. She also likes to have her babies go potty as well.

On the way to the zoo

Steve always asks why I take pictures of the animals and I have no good reason except I like to. Anyway, this guy was eating sunflower seeds, literally cracking them open and eating the seed only. He then put his head down and went nighty night as Gabbie says it.

For some reason I love the sea lions!!! I think they are my favorite animals at the zoo. Gabbie wasn't too impressed. She preferred looking at the kids around her instead.

Aww she is such a daddy's girl. I think this picture is so sweet.

Here is another sweet daddy and Gabbie picture.

Seriously she is crazy about her daddy and he is crazy about her. It is too cute!

Gabbie loves to jump and spin. Here she is jumping!

She always has to push the stroller. To bad she can't see where she is going. Today at Lowes she ran right in to a glass door. Bad mommy and daddy were right there but looking at something. Thank goodness nothing broke.

There is something about this picture I love. Maybe it is the light on her hair? I don't know but I like it!

Going home with her baby monkey.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wonderful Mother's Day

I woke up today and was given a beautiful scrapbook from Gabbie with pictures of her and me from the past 1.5 years. The scrapbook actually brought me to tears as I looked through it!!! Thanks Daddy and Gabbie!!!

Looking back I really don't remember last year's mother's day. Gabbie had been home 3 months and I still think I felt like it all wasn't real. This year, I definitely feel it is real! The love I feel for her is absolutely real. Never in a million years did I think I would be a mommy to the most beautiful, wonderful, funny, and amazing child in the world but I am. Every day I ask myself how I got so lucky.

Being the emotional person I am, I teared up a few times today. I have been thinking a lot about Gabbie's birthmom lately especially as yesterday was mother's day in Guatemala. I hope she is happy and healthy. Today I prayed for her at church and honored her silently. She is Gabbie's first mommy and I can never forget that. I am forever grateful to her and hope she has peace and knows how much we love Gabbie.

Tonight after we got home from Grandma's, Gabbie and I were sitting on the bed alone watching Dora. I asked her if she wanted to cuddle with mommy and she came over and loved on me with hugs and kisses and the biggest smile on her face. What a perfect ending to a perfect Mother's Day.

Here is my sweetie at Grandma's today.

Gabbie is FINALLY climbing on things. Here she is climbing on GG's chair.

She made it!

Gabbie loves to spin on chairs and go wee!

It was cold here today and rainy too so Gabbie had to wear tights. Not suprisingly once we got to grandma's she proceeded to attempt to pull them off.

Gabbie pretty much ran around the whole time at grandma's house. She was going non stop and the center of attention as usual.

Here's one of Gabbie's favorite things to do at grandma's house.