Sunday, June 22, 2008

A nice weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in St. Louis. The weather was super nice, in the 80's. Cousin Peyton came over Saturday and we went to DSW where I scored 3 new pairs of shoes. We then went to dinner at Red Robin where I had the kids grilled cheese with a salad. I am officially on Weight Watchers and every Wednesday am getting weighed in at work. WW has this program called Weight Watchers at Work. They come to our office for meetings so it is super convenient and I have no excuses! I did pretty well this weekend and even refused one of my favorite foods, cake!

Saturday we also received our fabulous Missouri Adoption Tax Credit check in the mail! Thank you Missouri!

Today we went to baby Jordyn's baptism and to a party after at Jenn's house. Gabble slept in this morning until 7 which was beyond wonderful as well as she normally gets up around 5:30-5:45!!!! Now for pictures from the weekend.

These two had so much fun together. They are 3 years apart but still can play great together!

today at Jordyn's baptism party

Gabbie and Jack

Gabbie and Jordyn. Jenn and baby Jordyn came to our house Saturday for a while and Gabbie loved on Jordyn so much. Today she did the same. She is actually pretty good with her and only needed a few reminders to be gentle.

Look at how good they are playing together. It wasn't always this good!

Hence this picture! Gabbie was upset because Jack pushed her down the slide. They are 2 months apart and although they play well together they fight together too! It seems when one of them wants a toy the other has to have it. They are still cute together!

A final sweet picture of Gabbie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ouch and a new name

Gabbie has been crabby lately! Poor baby, one minute she is laughing and the other crying and screaming. She is super clingy and sometimes while she goes through these crying sessions she holds on for dear life and others she doesn't want to be touched. We are starting to think the culprit is the 2 year molars. I looked in her mouth and it looks like the bottom ones are starting to make there way to the surface. I read these are supposed to be so painful. I just feel so sorry for her.

Here is a picture from last weekend. She wasn't herself then. Look at this serious face.

Onto the new name. About a month or so ago I wrote about Gabbie's new name for me, Mom. After about a week or so she dropped that and I became mama again. Well the past couple of days she has given me a new name and it is truly the sweetest in the world. My new name is Mommy! I am consistently mommy. Per dada (he is a little jealous because she will not say daddy for anything) she said it constantly until I got home from work. Honestly there is nothing better in this world than to hear your baby girl say mommy over and over again. My heart is just melting away. Here is my silly girl from tonight. This is her cheese face. Now when she sees the camera she flashes a goofy grin.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! We woke up early and tried to go to church but before we could make it even out of our showers Gabbie was throwing one fit after another. She has been going through a phase of one nasty diaper after another and random outbursts or fits full of tears. We are starting to suspect those stinking 2 year molars are going to be making an appearance soon. Anyway, we pretty much lounged around the house and went to Steve's parents for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day.

Here are some pictures of daddy and Gabbie. Steve is a wonderful father! Gabbie really is a huge daddy's girl. In the middle of one of her fits today while laying on the floor with her face down on the carpet she stopped whining and looked up at him to see if he was going to save her. He didn't respond so she started back up again. It was sort of cute to be honest.

I have to laugh because her relationship with him is the same as mine was with my dad, a spoiled daddy's girl! Unfortunately my dad is not here anymore but watching them brings back some memories of when I was daddy's girl just like her. She already gives him those looks, you know the ones where she wants something and if she looks all sweet at him she gets it! She already pitches fits when she doesn't get her way and waits for him to give it to her! There is definitely something special about daddy's and their daughters.
Now for the pictures:

Here is a picture of the first time daddy held his baby girl on our visit trip to Guatemala in December 2006. Gabbie was just 3 months old. I love this picture.

This is one of my favorites too taken in the Westin lobby on our visit trip.

Gabbie had been home around a month or two when this was taken

Gabbie's first birthday

Christmas morning


Gabbie's first St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Here they are looking at the stadium from the parking garage.

This was taken today looking at the lake.

Notice the shirt - It says Daddy's Royal Highness - Grandma gave this to Gabbie yesterday. She wore it today as it is perfect!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to play

Lately I am amazed with the amount of real playing Gabbie is doing. She doesn't just run around the house like a maniac anymore, but she actually stops and plays for a while! She is really into books and puzzles right now. I went to Target today and got her 3 puzzles for ages 2 and up and we took the pieces out and within a couple of minutes she had them back in the right place like it was no challenge at all. So now I am searching for more puzzles that are more challenging yet won't be too advanced and tick her off because when she tries something and can't do it she gets super mad. This little girl has one fierce temper!

Now for some pictures from yesterday.

It was really hot outside yesterday!

My smiley baby girl

This expression cracks me up! She was so excited because she would knock on the door and Sydney would peek through the blinds.

My princess cannot have dirty hands.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

GG's Birthday

Today we celebrated my grandma's birthday. We now call her GG as she is Gabbie's great grandma. I took these first few pictures this morning for a picture book I got for Gabbie to give GG that said 'Great Grandma's Brag Book.' Everywhere GG goes she takes pictures of Gabbie with her and I mean everywhere so the book was a perfect gift. I have seen people on other blogs do the sign thing and I thought there was no way Gabbie would cooperate, but instead she loved it!

This was the very first picture in GG's brag book. Perfect I thought!

Gangster Gabbie! This kid loves hats! You can be driving down the road or stopped at a busy intersection and Gabbie will see the guy on his bike 50 feet away with a hat on and say dada hat or mama hat. She always points out people with hats.

Another hat picture with her pretzel. Gabbie loves pretzels because she likes licking the salt off. Anyone who knows me well knows I love salt. Gabbie is no different. I guess the saying like mother like daughter is true with us! Poor daddy has it in for him!

spinning on GG's chair. Notice the scratches on Gabbie's face. I guess her and another kid got into a fight over a book at the sitter's house and Gabbie won the book but got the scratches. If you ask Gabbie she will tell you the kitty kitty did it but the sitter said it was the book. Anyway, they aren't too bad, but I just hope they heal quickly.

more spinning

Gabbie and cousin Joe played their bottoms off today. Gabbie had Joe feeding her dip and pulling her around in a box all day. She is crazy about him. If you ask her about him she just smiles that sweet smile.

I love this picture. Gabbie was so serious looking into Chloe's eyes trying to get some love.

This is what I found this morning. Of course before I told her to get down I grabbed the camera. Bad mommy!!!