Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few oldies

I am sure everyone is wondering where we have been. My camera broke a couple of weeks ago. I am shopping for a new one so no new pictures have been taken lately and no updates provided. I hope to have a new one soon and new pictures to follow.

As for us, nothing really new is going on. Steve and I went to see The Hang0ver today while Gabbie stayed at Maw Maw's. After the movie we went to the 0live Garden and then did some shopping. Gabbie had a blast at Maw Maw's. Maw Maw was caught when she said "Gabbie tell mommy what color popsicle you had" and Gabbie's response was "one, two, three of them". Maw Maw knew then she was busted. Oh well that is what grandma's are for I guess.

Gabbie is now in underwear all of the time. She pretty much always woke up dry so about a week or two ago we tried underwear through the night and so far, no accidents at all. She is such a big girl.

Driving home from Maw Maw's today we were discussing how perfect Gabbie is and how much we love her. I said to Steve that I know he thought I was crazy when I first brought up the idea of adoption and he agreed that he did wonder what I was thinking. When I reflect back to the time of picking an agency I was stuck between two. I had someone I worked with recommending one strongly and something in my gut telling me to go with another one. In the end I decided to go with my gut feeling and thank God I did.

Since I don't have any recent pictures I will post a couple of ones that are old favorites of mine which probably haven't been posted on the blog before.

She was such a chunk back then! You surely can't tell now!

Gabbie and Jack - it is hard to believe how much they have grown. Gabbie was close to 7 months old and Jack 5 months old. I have always loved this picture!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

First carnival

Yesterday we took Gabbie to her first Carnival at our church. The first half hour or so she was kind of quiet and not brave when it came to the rides. She wouldn't ride anything and wanted to be held. The rides shut down for mass so we went and had a funnel cake - yummy! Then we saw a family with a child that looked like he was from Guatemala so we went to talk to them. We had seen them walking in our neighborhood so we kind of thought they lived where we did and we were right. Their son Jacob was 3 years old. He was kind of shy too so they really didn't have anything to say to each other but it is still exciting to see that another child from Guatemala who is Gabbie's age lives a couple of streets over.

We then ventured into the school gym where they were raffling off a Yorkie puppy. For the next 15 minutes then Gabbie said over and over again she needed to take the puppy home. I took her potty and I kid you not she said it nothing short of 15 times. The lady in the stall next to us was cracking up. Finally Gabbie listened to us telling her no because then she started saying "I not take the puppy home because I have Sydney." She even got on the phone with Maw Maw this morning and told her that. At least this time she accepted no for an answer! After the rides started back up Gabbie got brave and started to let loose. She rode quite a few rides, one of which nearly gave mommy a heart attack. Not Gabbie though, she had a wonderful time! Gabbie saw 2 friends from her school/class and rode the swing with one of them. She jumped in a bounce house and stood there screaming and crying when it was time to get out while a line of about 15 kids waited patiently for their turn to get in. Then it was obvious it was time to go. Now for pictures.

Peyton and Gabbie - This picture makes me think ahead to about 10 years from now when Peyton turns 16. I can hear Gabbie now begging to go for a ride with Peyton. That is a scary thought!
I love this picture. You can see how happy they are together!

This one is for Maw Maw so she can see the thin rope that held my baby girl in on this ride. Let me tell you, I ended up recording most of this ride and don't think I was able to breathe until it was over. Gabbie on the other hand.... (see next picture)

Gabbie was happy as could be riding with Peyton! The ride was going so fast she slid over to Peyton's side.

Wow just looking at this one still gives me a weak stomach.

Gabbie was so excited with her necklace, frog, and baton.

My sweet baby girl. I love how happy she is in this picture.

Look at her jump!

This was taken back at our house. Gabbie loves to run and race.

Even though this picture is blurry I love it! It is the big race. Look at daddy's face. He was serious!

I told them to get together and smile for a picture and Gabbie went next to Peyton to put her arm on her. I thought that was so sweet.