Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 years ago we received our referral of a tiny baby girl

And here she is now!

Hard to believe 5 years ago to the day we received the call that we had a baby girl and now that girl is 5 years old and amazing! Gabbie's birthday was September 1st. For the first time she had a birthday party with friends from her class and had a blast. The theme was Barbie. She wanted Ju$tin Bie-ber but I talked her out of it.

Some facts about Gabbie:

1. Ju$tin Bie-ber - She loves him. We listen to his CD's, watch his movies, and now even have a poster that will be hanging in her room shortly.

2. High School Musical - She loves these movies and the characters. Gabbie happens to look a little like the main girl Gabriella and they share a name so it became an instant hit.

3. Barbie is still one of her favorites. For her birthday she got the Barbie Dream House and it has made her one happy girl since then.

4. At her 5 year visit she weighed a whopping 37.5lbs (she is normally more on our home scale though) and was 41.25 inches. She is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. Consistent and petite!

5. Gabbie wears a size 10 shoe and a 5 in pants, dresses, and 5/6 in shirts.

6. Gabbie loves fish sticks, mini waffles, bacon, carrots(if she is eating a veggie), and popsicles. She also loves chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk.

7. Gabbie loves school. She is in pre-k at her school. She missed the cutoff to go to kindergarten by a little over a month but that is totally okay with me because she is my baby. There is no rush! We are still debating and researching schools for next year. That decision makes me nervous.

8. Gabbie loves to watch icar-ly, victor-ious, Fre$h Beat Band, $hake it up, $o Random, and Go0d Luck Charlie. She still likes cartoons too but these are her favorites.

9. She has a puppy named Twinkie. He is 18 months old and they are best friends.

10. Gabbie is full of attitude. She is a total girly girl asking if her hair looks okay over and over again. She loves lip gloss and purses.

11. Gabbie loves to go shopping. We do girls days at the mall. It makes me so happy!

12. Gabbie has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger. Yikes!!!! I dread the teenage years if the 5's are any indication of how things are to come!

13. She is so sensitive and smart. She catches on to everything.

14. Gabbie does gymnastics and takes private swim lessons.

15. She loves to swim and loves the beach. We recently took a vacation to Captiva Fl0rida and she wanted to swim the whole time. At the beach she constantly made sand castles. She loved Fl0rida!

Hard to believe it has been 5 years since she was born in our hearts. I think about her first mom or belly mommy as we call her, all of the time. Gabbie is amazing. I am so sad she is missing out on this wonderful, perfect girl. I know she would be proud of the little girl she has become. I hope for now she somehow realizes how much we love Gabbie and she has peace in her heart as that is what she asked for. Hopefully one day we will have the chance to meet her.