Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today Daddy is 34 years old. Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking. It was my first time ever going as well as Gabbie's first. We took a ferry across the river from MO to IL. That was a first for us too. It was somewhat scary to be sitting in your car floating across the river. On the way there Gabbie wanted nothing to do with it. She refused to get out of the car even though Steve, Peyton, and some of our friends were out looking. She sat on my lap clinging on to me. Fortunately on the way back she had a change of heart and we got the full experience! Apple picking was fun. We even went pumpkin picking too. The girls had a blast!

Gabbie picking her very first apple.

Here it is! She was so proud!

She started to get in the swing of things and was throwing apple after apple into the bag.

Here is Steve giving his friend Dave a lift to the top of the apple tree. Silly men!

I love this picture! Mia and Peyton were carrying their bags over their shoulders and Gabbie had to do the same thing. Her bag was heavy but nothing was going to stop her from being like the big girls!

Mia, Gabbie, and Peyton with the huge pumpkin

Here is Gabbie riding Peppermint the pony.

My strong man holding Peyton and Gabbie

I love this one too. She had such determination when jumping!

The girls again

Gabbie and Peyton with their pumpkins
Silly boys again! I do like this picture though!

Here we are on the way back on the ferry. Not the best picture but it works!

Peyton came over after apple picking to play a while.

My happy girl

I love her beautiful hair! Her hair is so long and her curls are so pretty.

Gosh I love this child!