Monday, August 31, 2009

One the eve of Gabbie's 3rd birthday....

this was the scene in our house.

Yes it is official. She is a big girl now sleeping in a big girl bed! Okay it is a toddler bed but definitely a step up from the crib! She is actually faking it in the above picture but she did fall asleep at 10:00pm which isn't too bad for her first night in this ever so lovely princess canopy bed! Daddy tried to talk her into the model without the tent but she wasn't having any of it.

Anyway, tomorrow's the big day. The pink cupcakes with sprinkles are ready to go to school for her birthday. Is she really going to be 3? Can I freeze her tonight?

Finally daddy reading her princess story book. Surprise surprise I know! This child is all girl and all princess. Notice how she even has her legs crossed!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A princess party

Gabbie's 3rd birthday is in two days. We had her party yesterday and it was a blast. The weather was absolutely perfect. The theme was Dis.ney Princesses. Gabbie got a ton of gifts and had a wonderful time! It is hard to believe my baby will be 3 years old in just two short days. More later on that. Now for pictures.

I rented this thing for $200 for the entire day. It was the best $200 spent let me tell you! The kids had a blast all day and night in this thing!

Daddy showing the bounce house to Gabbie

We let Gabbie try it out a little before nap

The kids are here! Gabbie and Jacob jumping!

The Green twins - the have a birthday coming up in 2.5 weeks!

Some party guests

Gabbie at cake time being so patient

Gabbie and Jenn right before presents laughing about something

Gabbie opening up Belle's horse from Terri and Tim

Princess shoes

Gabbie opening her Cinder.ella castle from Maw Maw!

Looking at her Cinder.ella dress from The Harpers

Gabbie in her Sn0w White dress that Aunt Sherry made with the help of a friend. Amazing isn't it! I can check Hall0ween costume off of my to do list!

Jack hitting the pinata. As always the pinata was a hit!

Sherry adjusting the dress

More jumping time! Maw Maw even got in on the fun!

Gabbie and Joe hanging out after most of the guests left

Putting the castle together

Gabbie this morning in her new night gown, shoes, and jewelry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today is Jennifer's birthday. For those of you who don't know, Jennifer has been my best friend since we were 4 years old. We lived a few house away from each other and spent nearly all of our time together. Jennifer is also Gabbie's Godmother. I was always a little jealous growing up because Jennifer got to do everything first because she is 3 months and 10 days older than me. Now Jennifer is turning 35 first and I am not jealous!!! Wahoo, I am still 34!

We went to Aunt Terri's to celebrate today and had a blast. Thanks Terri and Tim for your hospitality and the delicious food!

Seriously though, because I know Jenn is not excited about turning 35, and I am dreading it too, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Jennifer. We love you!

How cute are these two? I think this is my new favorite picture!

Jacob is moving in! Gabbie likes to hold hands with boys. We are in trouble!

Nah... Back to Jack she decided.
Time for cake

Baby Jordyn helping blow out the candles

Congratulations Uncle Steve!!!!

This post is a quick congratulations to my Uncle Steve, which is Gabbie's Great Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve has been studying hard for many months for his GED test. He has been going to classes every week, tutoring with my husband Steve, and studying on his own as well. He took the test two weeks ago, which lasted literally an entire Saturday and was very nervous to get back the results. He didn't think he passed but he did!!! Not only did he pass but he scored really well. Well enough that he may just get some free college classes! We are so excited for him and very proud of him!

We had a little graduation party at Maw Maw's last night for him to celebrate.

Gabbie was super excited for Uncle Steve too! Here she is jumping on the bed!