Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend. It was short but definitely a lot of fun! We went to Maw Maw's Saturday morning and then came home to take a nap before Pat, Katelyn, and Taylor came over for taco night and a celebration to their engagement. Gabbie loves playing with her new cousin to be!
Sunday morning we headed to the park around 9am. Gabbie played and played. This park actually has 3 playgrounds all together for different age groups and she loved it. We stayed for almost 2 hours and then came home for lunch and a nap. I went to lunch with Jenn and we made plans to head to the park later again with all of the kids.

So Maw Maw came over and we headed to the park to meet the J family for some more fun. Gabbie of course had a blast at the park with everyone. I am amazed at how fearless she is now at the park. She even went down a super tall twisting slide all by herself. Of course I was quite worried but she did it over and over again and pretty much had no fear. Now for pictures.

This picture was taken Saturday evening. I think Gabbie looks so grown up!

Going to the park walking with daddy

She loves these things. I remember doing them when I was little too. I couldn't even pull myself up once now if I tried!

Gabbie running to daddy

Running from daddy. We did this over and over again.

Jack - He is getting so big. He is two months younger than Gabbie but officially a lot taller. I knew the time would come when he would pass up my petite girl.

Gabbie and Baby Jordyn or her little sister as Gabbie would call her.

My little monkey hanging again.

I love this one!

Gabbie went down the slide over and over again with her drink.

This was taken two years ago about two months after Gabbie came home. She was almost 7 months old. She was such a chunk!

This was take this morning.....

and this afternoon! I am amazed at the difference. She still has that amazing smile though.

Finally Gabbie and Maw Maw. Of course ONLY Maw Maw could push Gabbie. She told me to go away. I am chopped liver when she is around:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random pictures from last weekend

Here are some random pictures from last weekend.

Gabbie is a princess that is for sure. She loves girly things and gets so excited about getting her nails and toes painted! I love it!

Gabbie and Joe - look at that smile on her face. When she is with him she is always smiling. He is such a great cousin to her!

Gabbie decided she didn't need a nap at home on Sunday so on the way back from Maw Maw's house she started zoning out. It was about 6:30.

I asked her to smile and this is what I got:) I love it!

Out a couple of minutes later.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One big update

It has been a long time since my last post. Not a whole lot is going on to be honest. Gabbie has been giving us a terrible time going to bed so we have been dealing with that. She was waking up super early but knock on wood she is doing better and has actually slept past 6:00am the last 3 days!!!

Easter was today. I think she got as many presents today as she did for Christmas. She is definitely spoiled.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks and today.

I love this sweet face:)

Easter eggs at Maw Maw's house

Gabbie and Joe

Gabbie sure loves her Cousin Joe.

We took Gabbie to the park yesterday. I think daddy enjoyed this ride more than Gabbie:)

Here is what the Easter bunny left Gabbie

Gabbie loves clothes. Here she is getting her Hello Kitty shirt.

Her Barbie vet puppy

Easter egg hunt today

Gabbie and Maw Maw

Gabbie looking at her basket from Maw Maw

Chloe wanted her picture taken too

Gabbie opening up Air Buddies from GG. Gabbie loves the movies with the Buddies in them. So far she has Snow Buddies, Space Buddies, and now Air Buddies. Daddy was just so excited to add another one to our collection!

Finally Gabbie and GG