Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat Time

Gabbie was a fairy princess for Halloween. She wasn't completely cooperative with the costume and kept removing her crown but she still had a blast! We have been talking to her about trick or treating and what to say. She had the 'trick or treat' part down. She said it at every house and gave a prompt thank you after receiving candy. I think it is safe to say she had a lot of fun and loves trick or treating. I think she loves the candy too. We had better hide this stuff!

Please note the princess bucket she had to have. Gabbie loves princesses especially Ariel. We found this bucket at a Halloween store for $9.99. Ridiculous, I know! Especially when I was at the grocery store a couple of days later and it was there for $1.99. Oh well at least she was happy:)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Can't wait to check out all of the blogs and see pictures!

My princess looking down showing daddy her costume.

Gabbie had a couple of tootsie pops before trick or treating! She LOVES them.

Such a big girl:)

Excited about something!

Yes that is a tootsie pop in one hand and a Reeses peanut butter in the other! This girl likes candy. I have a feeling tomorrow she is going to be asking for it all day.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Steve picked Gabbie up from school today and said she looked horrible. So horrible he called his brother to get our pediatrician's number, made her an appointment for today, stopped by a friend's house for diapers, McDonalds, and headed to the doctor (what a dad)!

Diagnosis: Infection in eye (not pink eye, but kind of a cold), right ear infection (hoping this doesn't get out of hand because I believe that is the ear that the tube is out), and get this a BAND-AID stuck up in her nose! Gabbie has been getting a few bloody noses here and there. I thought for sure it was allergies, weather changes, etc... Steve said the doctor said she had something stuck up her nose and pulled out a blue band-aid which I am assuming is a Care Bear one. Nice isn't it! I am just hoping this will stop the bloody noses some!

So now we are on band-aid lockdown. Wish us luck! She gets bee-otchy(is that a word?) without her band-aids!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last week of October

I cannot believe October is almost over. This weekend was super fast as usual. We took Gabbie to get a long overdue haircut. It had been months and months and with her curls if we don't keep them short it is a frizzy out of control mess. They took a lot off but I really like it. It has brought the curls back to life!

We went to visit the J family Saturday evening. Gabbie is obsessed with baby Jordyn. It was quite cute.

Today we went to Grandma's house. Gabbie was wild as usual. Her allergies are bad again. She is all snotty and coughing. Poor thing:(

Now for pictures from Saturday.

Poor kitty. Gabbie has been torturing this kitty since she (Gabbie) came home. Gabbie is obsessed with kitty cats. Too bad daddy is allergic. Grandma is too so it would never work.

Jack getting in on the action.

My sweet baby girl. I love this child more than I could have ever imagined.

I wish I could get rid of the crazy looking eyes in this picture. I need a new camera.

The kids all played so well together. Gabbie sure had a blast.

Hug from Jacob.

Jacob was so sweet. Gabbie was carrying this around when it was time to go. She was being a brat and not wanting to leave but Jacob kept telling her she could take it home. I think it was a new toy for him too. How sweet is that. Most 4 year olds wouldn't say that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Time

Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Grandma, Cousin Peyton, Uncle Pat, Katelyn, Jennifer and Jack. Gabbie left with 2 big pumpkins and 2 baby pumpkins. I think the pictures show that she had a good time!

Now for the mother load of pictures. I even included some from last year when we went with Jennifer and Baby Jack. Back then Gabbie was 13.5 months and Jack was about 11.5 months. Now Gabbie is 2 and Jack will be 2 next month. The difference amazes me!

Here is Gabbie showing Grandma the deformed ugly pumpkin. They had quite a few that looked like these. Yuck!

Gabbie and Jack waiting patiently with their tickets to ride the pony. We kept trying to get them to sit together. They finally did and we told Jack to give her a kiss. Well he did and kept doing it over and over again. We laughed so hard. They are just so cute together.

2007 Gabbie and Jack in the tire swing

2008 in the tire swing I can't believe the difference!

2007 with Steve in the tire swing. Look at how cute and little they were.

2008 - Look at them now!

They have grown so much.

Jack kept kissing her over and over again.

2007 Gabbie on the pony

2008 Gabbie on the pony with Grandma. She has grown and changed so much.

Gabbie and Jack went from pumpkin to pumpkin pulling off the stickers. At one point they each had a hand full and were stuffing their pockets.

Gabbie going down the slide after Peyton. Gabbie loves slides! She is a dare-devil when it comes to slides.
Excited again over the slide!

It took literally 5 minutes to get them both to do this. We were cracking up. We would get one in there and the other would take off. It is hard photographing two 2 year olds.

Here she is with her two baby pumpkins.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zoo Time!

Today Gabbie and I went to the St. Louis Zoo with Grandma. It was a beautiful day outside and we had a lot of fun. Gabbie was so good and stayed in her stroller the whole time except for the few times Grandma took her out to get a closer look at the animals. She really was great! She actually fell asleep in her stroller when we were leaving which she hasn't done for a long time. She took a huge 20 minute nap in the car and was ready for the rest of the day which made for a crabby Gabbie but we managed!

Before the zoo waiting for Grandma!

Gabbie and Grandma looking at the zebras.

Gabbie liked the penguins. At one point they started splashing water at Gabbie and Grandma and they both ended up wet. Gabbie then decided the penguins were okay but she was ready to leave. She sure likes to talk about the penguins going boom and the water on her hair and maw maw's face though.

Gabbie sitting on Grandma's lap on the train. This was her first choo choo ride. She liked it but was so tired at this point.

Wiped out on the way home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today is Daddy's 33rd birthday! For one full month Steve and I are the same age so I am really happy. I am older and will be 34 next month:(

I took these pictures last night of Gabbie and Daddy being silly.

Cheerleading moves!

The landing! I think she is going to be a gymnast.

Yoga - look at that belly!
More yoga! They are still doing yoga at school.

She is growing up.

No more pictures mommy

We went to Kohls last night and when we walked in daddy said Gabbie couldn't have any of the stuffed animals (they have the $5.00 ones for children's hospital). Of course I said she could have one. Well she decided on 2, a monkey and a dalmation and carried them around the store. Daddy kept saying she wasn't getting any of them and I said she could have one. Well what do you think happened? While checking out she tried to grab all 4 but daddy talked her in to these 2. So she of course walked out with 2 animals even though at first daddy said none. This little girl has him wrapped around her finger.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you.