Sunday, May 31, 2009

GG's Birthday

We got together this weekend to celebrate GG's birthday. Gabbie just loves going to Maw Maw's house. She ran around for hours running the house and barking orders at Joe Joe. He is such a trooper and does everything she wants. He is definitely her favorite. Poor Maw Maw gets ignored when he is there. She tried to get a hug or two in but Gabbie wanted Joe.


Gabbie giving Maw Maw one hug. I think this was before Joe was there!

Gabbie and Joe

Gabbie helping GG blow out the candles

Eating cake and ice cream!

One last picture of Gabbie and Joe

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo time

Today the rain held off and we made it to the zoo with Maw Maw! Gabbie had a lot of fun. I think her favorite animals were the elephants that were playing in the water. We ended up leaving and going to lunch. We had a ton of fun today with Maw Maw! Now for pictures.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My little diva princess

Oh my goodness Gabbie is a diva full of attitude! When it is time to get dressed for school she gives us attitude. When it is time to leave she gives me attitude. When it is time for dinner or time to go inside we get attitude. Finally, when it is time for bed we get major attitude. After we put her to bed last night I heard her shouting over and over again "I can't go to sleep, I can't go to sleep". Sometimes I find myself wondering how I will survive these years much less the teen years! I hear it starts earlier for girls now too. Yikes!!!

She really is a sweet princess too. Yesterday morning daddy was gone so Gabbie and I were laying in bed watching Dora and cuddling. She looked at me and said in the sweetest voice "I so happy mama". I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up after that one.

I took an extra day off on Tuesday. Gabbie, Maw Maw, and I are supposed to go to the zoo but it looks like it might rain:( That is a big bummer because I have been telling Gabbie about it. Hopefully it will hold off and we can make it for a while. Now for pictures.

It was PJ day at school last Thursday.

Look at this attitude. I bought Gabbie a pair of princess shoes and let's just say she loves them.

She loves to close the door on you.

Yesterday Gabbie and daddy planted flowers.

Gabbie dusting her hands off

This cracks me up! Look at that face reacting to the worm!

Gabbie is a fast runner!

ATTITUDE - check out that face. I know Maw Maw will like this one!

more attitude

Helping daddy get the pot ready for more flowers

clean up time - such a big girl!

Finally a little more attitude after bath yesterday. That's my princess.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A jumping party!

Saturday we went to Jacob's 5th birthday party at Pump It Up. Gabbie has been there two other times and each time had a blast. This time was no exception! After a few minutes of clinging and she was ready to go! We had a great time!

Today we went to Maw Maw's house. Gabbie played outside, went to see the neighbor's turtle, jumped on Maw Maw's bed, drank sprite and even some of Maw Maw's diet coke, and got some candy on top of it. No wonder she likes going there so much!

Gabbie and Jack - He hugged her so big they both went falling down to the ground. They are so cute together.

Steve and Jacob

Gabbie, Baby Jay, and Abbie jumping

Jay - check out the mohawk! He is so stinking cute!

Will - look at this gorgeous boy and his teeth!

The Birthday boy! I think he had a great time. Happy Birthday Jacob! I can't believe you are 5!

Gabbie and Jordyn enjoying their suckers

This was taken at Maw Maw's house 1 year and 2 months ago

This picture was taken today. I can't believe the difference in her! She has gotten so big. This slide now looks tiny.

Hmm.... Mommy doesn't approve of this but Gabbie seemed to weasel her way in for a drink over and over again.

Gabbie getting some love from Maw Maw

Gabbie and some Fun Dip for the ride home!

She is a fan!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A night out and mother's day

Last night Steve and I actually went out without Gabbie and stayed out until 11:00! We had a wedding to go to so we got a real babysitter who is a teacher from Gabbie's school. It was expensive, yet very nice to actually go out together and not have to worry about entertaining a two year old. Gabbie did great playing with the sitter and even went to bed for her like a big girl! This morning when she woke up she was calling her name from her room because she thought she would still be there. When I went in to her room I got a huge 'mommy' and she jumped up in my arms and gave me the biggest hug. She told us all about her night last night and from what I can tell she had a great time. I should say Gabbie has been home for over two years and this is the first time we have ever left her with a real sitter, so this was a big night for her and us! I am so glad it went well.

This morning we went to the park for an hour and then came home to get ready to go to Maw Maw's house for Mother's Day. We decided to let Gabbie skip her nap so we could head to my mom's early but Gabbie ended up falling asleep quickly in the car. She had such a good time at Maw Maw's as always.

All in all this Mother's Day was a nice day. Gabbie kept saying over and over again 'Happy Mother's Day' to me. It was really sweet and cute. I thought a lot about Gabbie's birth mom in Guatemala today. I am so blessed to be Gabbie's mommy and nothing makes me happier but part of me is so sad that her mom is missing out on spending time with this wonderful, amazing, child of ours. I only hope and pray somehow she has found happiness and will get to experience this joy one day.

Now for pictures.

Angela and Tyler - I have worked with Angela for 5 years now and she has become a really good friend of mine. Long story short, I actually missed the wedding because apparently 38 minutes isn't enough time to get from the entrance to Forest Park to the Jewel Box thanks to traffic and road closures. So while she was getting married I was sitting in my car tearing up that I was missing it. There was nothing I could do but the fact that I missed her wedding upsets me so much. Anyway, congratulations to them! They are a great couple and I couldn't be happier for them!

Gabbie at my mom's today. Daddy hung her upside down and Chloe was kissing her. She was laughing so hard.

Gabbie and Maw Maw

Can you tell how crazy these two are about each other?

Gabbie and Maw Maw dancing away

Gabbie and Joe - They are crazy about each other too!

Joe was playing a game and Gabbie was cheering him on!

It was a pretty intense game apparently.

Look at her all comfortable in his arms.