Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A new name

MOM! Since when do 20 month olds consistently start calling their mommy or mama, mom? I expected this at 4 or 5, but come on 20 months? Gabbie has called me different names in the past but they normally don't stick. For a while there she was walking around saying something that resembled "Ang" which is what we figure she heard Steve calling me. Now for about the past week I am mom. Every once in a while I get a mama or mommy, but for the most part mom. The funny thing is she calls me that and I always ask her if she means mama or mommy and she gets that devilish look on her face like she knows it irks me. I wish I could freeze time because my baby is growing way to fast.

One last thing... Check out this picture of her belly! I swear she really doesn't eat a ton, or at least it seems to come and go in spurts but that belly is booming! I am having clothing issues with her and that belly. Her belly is a size 24 month but her length is more of an 18 month.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Today we took Gabbie to her first ever St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and she had a blast! She actually sat through the first 4 innings like a perfect angel with a little help from nachos and cheese, a pretzel, sprite, and her new favorite treat cotton candy! Then we got up and walked around Busch Stadium to Build a Bear so she could build a Fredbird. After that we returned for 2 more successful innings with the help of Dippin Dots. $100 later (not including tickets) we walked out with what would prove to be one tired 19 month old. Cardinals lost but that was okay because we still had fun.

Now for pictures from today.

Here is our view from our seats. They were just two rows of the field. We had a pretty good view.

Gabbie has yummy pretzel salt on her face in this pic!

Daddy taught her how to lick her fingers to get the cotton candy off

Blue tongue thanks to cotton candy.

More cotton candy!

Diego came to the game with us too

Gabbie was very patient at Build a Bear.

Not even 10 minutes after we pulled out of the parking garage Gabbie passed out with Fredbird playing Take me out to the ball game barely hanging on to Gabbie.

Finally Fredbird fell and she was out

Gabbie being silly with Fredbird

I like this picture but she has peanut butter on her face. I think it is still cute though how she is posing with Fredbird in these pictures.

Here is our big girl at the end of a long day still smiling. We sure had fun. Love you baby girl!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Potty Time

We decided to buy Gabbie a potty seat and yesterday morning placed her on it. It is one of those that goes on the regular potty. So we put her on the potty, I ran and got the video camera, came back and while recording it Gabbie went pee pee on the potty! Steve and I were shocked and Gabbie was so excited!

Fast forward to this morning, I went in the downstairs bathroom to wash my hands. Of course Gabbie followed and saw the potty seat. She pointed at it and said poo poo. So I place the seat on the potty and her on the seat and sure enough not 15 seconds later she was pooping on the potty! She was so excited! Her facial expressions were hilarious. After she went poo poo she then went pee pee!

So tonight after we got home from Grandma's she saw the potty again and pointed to it. I asked her if she wanted to sit on it and she said yep. So I put her on it and sure enough 15 seconds later she went poo poo and then pee pee again!

That's my baby girl!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Time Daddy's Girl

Today we went to Jennifer's to see baby Jordyn. Gabbie was fine with grandma (my mom) holding Jordyn and me holding her too. When it came time for Daddy to hold her though a whole new Gabbie emerged. See this cute look below? Let's just say the look wasn't anywhere near this cute. She literally cried and cried screaming da da, da da. A lot of times Gabbie will tell me "my da da". It is becoming obvious she sure means it!

Check out the new shoes. Rhonda sent Gabbie a new pair of squeaky shoes. I swear she tap dances in them. She loves them! Thanks Rhonda!!!

I love this sweet picture:) She is so peaceful and quiet throwing no temper tantrums.

Gabbie and Jack. It was cute to watch them play together.

Here they are playing together. They actually did this for about 5 minutes and shared. Soon after though they went back to stealing toys from each other. Honestly, Gabbie was pretty much the one stealing. She is such a stinker. When she gets a toy she will hold onto it for dear life. I am assuming this is normal toddler behavior? Anyone??

Future doctor?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gabbie update

The last couple of weeks with Gabbie have been interesting. Apparently during the day Gabbie is taking a class in temper tantrum throwing and getting an A. The tantrums have been interesting to say the least. I am thinking I need to read up on toddlers. Right now she is on the floor at my feet kicking and screaming saying mama, dada. It is so relaxing! Any book recommendations???

In other news, Gabbie is talking up a storm. She has always done well with her words but now it is reaching a new level. She has well over 50 words in her vocabulary and is adding more daily. She is also now repeating everything we say which is funny and scary at the same time. We normally don't say bad words in front of her but now we are having to make extra sure we don't as she is the queen of repeating. She is even repeating little phrases like "I don't know" and things like that. She is putting two words together frequently and sometimes three. It is so awesome to watch her learn new things! As bad as the tantrums are we are still enjoying this stage.

Now for some pictures. Gabbie took her first bubble bath and at first freaked out. Once we got her in there though, she didn't want out.

Look at that belly! She really is a petite girl but that belly is something else!