Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flu, potty training, and yoga around the house

These last couple of weeks have stunk:( Last Monday night Steve and I became ill with the stomach flu. It was horrible, nasty, gross, everything bad! Yesterday I finally started feeling like myself and today I am feeling close to 100% normal. Fortunately the good news is so far Gabbie has not gotten sick!!! We are hoping it stays this way!

Gabbie is doing great with potty training!!! We are still using diapers/pull ups at naps and nights but a lot of those times she is even dry then. It is amazing how easy potty training her was when she was ready. We tried around Christmas but it didn't work. This time it worked! Also, I love how I don't have to buy diapers anymore and can spend more at tar-jay on other things instead!

Now for a few pictures. Gabbie was insistent on taking a lot of pictures last weekend. She even made Steve take pictures of the dog food bowl and chair. I guess she saw art in them? Maybe she will have a career in photography. I will spare you the 'artistic' photos for now.

During this photo session Gabbie was going all over the family room smiling a huge smile for the camera. She is so funny now how she loves to get her picture taken. It is like a dream come true for me! Well maybe not that great, but it is nice!

This starts the stretch of yoga around the house photos. She seriously had me follow her with the camera and take 10-15 photos of her doing yoga in different areas of the house. I was laughing so hard.

More yoga - look at that cute booty:)

Yoga by the table

Yoga on the landing of the stairs - okay you get the point!

My sweet baby girl

One last big cheese photo


Jenn said...

she's getting so big!

Bobbi said...

So jealous about the potty thing! She looks adorable in her undies--and band-aids. I see she still has her love for them.

She is just precious and looks like a lot of fun.

Hope you get feeling better and Abby stays healthy!!

Rhonda said...

darn flu stuff. Sure glad you are feeling better. I loved the pictures of Gabbie and sure wish she'd whisper the potty training thing to Emily. I am so TIRED of buying diapers!!! Love the bandaids still!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Jealous at the potty training success but woohoo for Gabbie! Sabrina talks about it but she sits on the big girl potty 4 or 5 times a day and does nothing. I'm waiting for the day she has an "aha!" moment about it.