Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulations Uncle Steve!!!!

This post is a quick congratulations to my Uncle Steve, which is Gabbie's Great Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve has been studying hard for many months for his GED test. He has been going to classes every week, tutoring with my husband Steve, and studying on his own as well. He took the test two weeks ago, which lasted literally an entire Saturday and was very nervous to get back the results. He didn't think he passed but he did!!! Not only did he pass but he scored really well. Well enough that he may just get some free college classes! We are so excited for him and very proud of him!

We had a little graduation party at Maw Maw's last night for him to celebrate.

Gabbie was super excited for Uncle Steve too! Here she is jumping on the bed!


Rhonda said...

Awesome news. Congratulations. Love that picture of Gabbie up in the air!!!!

Jenn said...

WAY TO GO STEVIE!!!!! we've very proud of you at our house!!!! gabbie going 'rock star' on us?

Joel and Abbie said...

That's awesome news about Steve! Gabbie looks like she is rocking out to an 80's Big Hair Band, love it!