Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 years ago tonight

We received a call that would change our lives forever. We had finally been matched with this baby girl. We were fortunate to have her home less than 5 months later!

This was her on her 1 year referral anniversary. She was so cute and chunky!

This was her last year on her 2 year referral anniversary. She had changed so much since the year before.

This is Gabbie today. It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since our lives were changed forever and we finally saw our daughter's face. I am tearing up thinking about it. Gabbie's birthday is very important, but to me this is her true "birthday" to us. As cheesy as it sounds this is the day she was born in our hearts forever.


Rhonda said...

Oh gosh, happy special memory....It always feels surreal, doesn't it?? She is so beautiful in all her pictures and I so can't believe our babies are or have turned THREE.....How did that happen so fast Angie??? LOL Happy special wishes your way :-)

Bobbi said...

Not cheesy at all. I feel the same way!! Isn't it amazing how that day changed our lives forever.

Oh, she looks so grown up now. It goes too fast, doesn't it?

TNKerry said...

Oh my!!! I can't believe we are all approaching (and passing) our three year birthday and referral anniversaries. It just doesn't seem as if it has been that long and then again it seems like it has been ages. Gabbie is one beautiful little princess!!!

Debbie B said...

She's such a cutie. Love the pictures over the years. I know what you mean about her referral day seeming more like her birthday. I have to seriously think sometimes when people ask Belle's birthday because I want to tell them the day she came home, 16 days old.

Her new bed is so pretty. Perfect for your little princess.

Jenn said...

happy birthday gabbie! and happy birthday angie and steve! 3 years ago this day, you became parents!!!

Ashley said...

It was a very special day!!!

You have one precious princess!