Saturday, February 16, 2008

A day of firsts

Today Gabbie got her first haircut at The Plaid Monkey. Her hair is always really wavy and wild so we decided today was the day. I must admit I was super nervous but in the end she loved this place and her hair turned out great. Not only did she get her first haircut today but she had her first dum dum sucker at The Plaid Monkey which she loved, she had her first Sprite soda in her very own kiddie cup at dinner at Red Robin after her haircut, and her first strawberry milkshake when we got home. Grandma came along today for the fun too. Gabbie was just so good during her haircut that we decided to spoil her after.

Here is a before picture. She is eating a pretzel and showing off her belly.

Another before haircut picture from behind.

When she first got in the fire engine chair.

Sitting in the fire engine watching Thomas the Train while her hair is getting cut.

The finished product. We decided to let them put sparkles in her hair too.

A behind shot of her newly cut hair. It is definitely shorter!

One last picture for grandma.

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