Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trip to grandma's house

Today we went to grandma's to celebrate cousin Joe's 11th birthday. As usual Gabbie had a wonderful time at grandma's house being spoiled with tons of treats, playtime, and most of all attention!

After our active day yesterday Gabbie went to sleep at 6:40 (yes, that early because her nap was from 8:30am - 10:15am and she was really tired) Gabbie then slept until 7:15 in the morning and napped from 11:30am-2:30pm today. One would think after sleeping 15.5 hours out of 24 she wouldn't be tired right? Not Gabbie! After playing so hard at grandma's house she was out at 7:00pm. Ahh what a life!

Gabbie is starting a new daycare tomorrow as my friend Jenn is due next month with her third child. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way that Gabbie does well at her new sitters.

Cousin Joe decided to share some of his ready whip and Gabbie loved it!

Going down the slide loving this too!

Here is Gabbie with her cousin Joe. She really likes him a lot and he seems pretty crazy about her too!

More ready whip!

Here is Gabbie doing one of her favorite things at grandmas, playing in the tupperware cabinet!

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Candy said...

Kya would LOVE to play on that slide with you....THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SWEET COMMENT on Jaggers Blog...HUGS