Sunday, September 7, 2008

HIspanic Festival and Grandparent's Day

I cannot believe the weekend is almost over. Why is it the weekends fly by so fast yet the week days at work are slow as can be? We had a really good weekend. Gabbie's hitting is better. It is surely not perfect, but definitely is getting better! I think I only got hit in the face twice this week, so I will take it!

Saturday we went to the STL Hispanic Festival. There was one booth with all Guatemalan stuff so we got a necklace, bracelet, a couple of hair things, and a ball for Gabbie. The lady at the booth asked us if Gabbie was from Guatemala and when we said yes, she said bless us a couple of times. Of course we have already been blessed with Gabbie but it was nice to meet someone from Guatemala who was truly happy for us and for Gabbie especially with all of the adoption rumors swirling around! I almost scored a Guatemala soccer jersey for Gabbie but the sizes were a bit too big. There are so many things I wish I would have bought while in Guatemala for her including a soccer outfit and more dresses, but I cannot find them anywhere:(

Today was Grandparent's Day so we went to grandma's house. We ended up going to a home store and IHOP. We normally don't take Gabbie out to dinner anywhere anymore as we have had quite a few meltdowns recently and once I even had to leave with her while daddy finished eating. She was pretty good though. I had to get up twice with her and take her to the lobby. Each time I warned her to calm her body down or we would leave if she didn't stop. Both times she stopped almost instantly and we returned to her behaving okay, or shall I say like a normal two year old! This morning at church she was an angel and even kneeled and crossed her hands like she was praying at one point! It was stinking cute! Now for some pictures.

Gabbie and Jack with her kitchen on her birthday! Notice how they are both on their tippy toes!

Gabbie and her monkey! She rocks it to get it to stop crying.

Hugging her monkey

Gabbie at the Hispanic Festival

Big time cheesing for the camera!

Gabbie at the store today on the rocking chairs

My favorite picture of all! Gabbie and grandma rocking. If you want this for your frame mom let me know. I love this pic!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh what sweet pictures. What a great weekend you had and what a fun tie hitting the store with Guatemala items!

Bobbi said...

What a great pic of her and Grandma

Glad the hitting is better....we have our ups and downs. This weekend was a down......

Eating out??? Oh, the joys

Jennifer said...

How adorable... she is just too precious! By the way... the terrible twos won't last forever... I promise!

Amy said...

She is so sweet. Your Gabbie actually reminds me of my Gaby, who will be 3 next week. Im glad the hitting is getting better.