Monday, September 29, 2008

Like Father Like Daughter

I really don't have much to say. Gabbie was a little sick this weekend. It appears to be allergies so we are back on the Allegra. Poor baby gets to coughing so much she vomits. Tonight I had the honor of catching some of it. So it has been a blast around here. No pictures from this weekend. I took the camera to grandma's but never took any pictures. Gabbie would probably have had snot on her face and I am not a fan of snotty pictures. Ever since Gabbie's birthday party she has been obsessed with water balloons. She is still addicted to band-aids but water balloons are a close second.

These were taken last week. She loves to take the water balloons in the tub. Silly girl and silly daddy!

Please ignore the tile around the tub. Steve is remodeling this bathroom this Spring. He just remodeled our master bath and did an amazing job! Soon he will start on Gabbie's and the half bath downstairs.

Have a great week!


Bobbi said...

When he is done with those bathrooms he can come here!!!

AHHHHH allergies. I have one, possibly two of those. Singulair and Advair are our poison.

Water balloons are lots of fun--filled with warm water and I might even play too!

Hope she gets feeling better

Rhonda said...

Ummm,excuse me, raising arm, over here please Steve, me too me too!!!! Our bathrooms need big time help. So little time, so much to do (that's hubby's new model, hmmmmmmmmm)!

I just love seeing pictures of that gorgeous little Gabbie girl (snotty face and all). I am so sorry about the allergies.

Hugs, Rhonda

TNKerry said...

So sad about our girls and their asthma/allergies. I need to ask the doctor what we should start taking after we get off all the prescription meds. Any advice? This prescription stuff has made CiCi a bit crazy.