Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today is Daddy's 33rd birthday! For one full month Steve and I are the same age so I am really happy. I am older and will be 34 next month:(

I took these pictures last night of Gabbie and Daddy being silly.

Cheerleading moves!

The landing! I think she is going to be a gymnast.

Yoga - look at that belly!
More yoga! They are still doing yoga at school.

She is growing up.

No more pictures mommy

We went to Kohls last night and when we walked in daddy said Gabbie couldn't have any of the stuffed animals (they have the $5.00 ones for children's hospital). Of course I said she could have one. Well she decided on 2, a monkey and a dalmation and carried them around the store. Daddy kept saying she wasn't getting any of them and I said she could have one. Well what do you think happened? While checking out she tried to grab all 4 but daddy talked her in to these 2. So she of course walked out with 2 animals even though at first daddy said none. This little girl has him wrapped around her finger.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you.


Farrah said...

Hey at least they are big stuff animals...LOL

Happy Birthday Gabbie's Daddy

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday!!!! What fun.

Tera said...

I love the pointing with Papa CUTE!! God bless.