Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last week of October

I cannot believe October is almost over. This weekend was super fast as usual. We took Gabbie to get a long overdue haircut. It had been months and months and with her curls if we don't keep them short it is a frizzy out of control mess. They took a lot off but I really like it. It has brought the curls back to life!

We went to visit the J family Saturday evening. Gabbie is obsessed with baby Jordyn. It was quite cute.

Today we went to Grandma's house. Gabbie was wild as usual. Her allergies are bad again. She is all snotty and coughing. Poor thing:(

Now for pictures from Saturday.

Poor kitty. Gabbie has been torturing this kitty since she (Gabbie) came home. Gabbie is obsessed with kitty cats. Too bad daddy is allergic. Grandma is too so it would never work.

Jack getting in on the action.

My sweet baby girl. I love this child more than I could have ever imagined.

I wish I could get rid of the crazy looking eyes in this picture. I need a new camera.

The kids all played so well together. Gabbie sure had a blast.

Hug from Jacob.

Jacob was so sweet. Gabbie was carrying this around when it was time to go. She was being a brat and not wanting to leave but Jacob kept telling her she could take it home. I think it was a new toy for him too. How sweet is that. Most 4 year olds wouldn't say that.


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness Angie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her haircut. It is soooooo cute. So sorry she's still not feeling well. We've been dealing with a "lingering" cough for about three weeks. Hope she starts feeling better soon.

Kelly said...

Aww. She is so, so grown up looking. I cannot get over it. I guess because K does not have any hair, she still looks like a baby. G looks like a GIRL...with ATTITUDE!

Bobbi said...

Jacob is a litttle sweetie!! Her haircut is adorable, and I love the crazy eyes!!

Isn't it amazing how we can love them so much??

Jenn said...

hey! raja (the cat) made a BLOG! how bout that? it's amazing how sweet and innocent pictures can make children look (when we know how they are in reality)!