Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soccer Time!

Soccer started last week. It is a parent and me class so Daddy did it with Gabbie since I have absolutely no athletic ability (shocking I know!) Gabbie did pretty well for the most part. She is definitely shy to new situations so at first she wanted Daddy to hold her. After a few minutes she got down and started kicking away. She loves to score goals. She kept losing focus and running back to Maw Maw and me but for the most part she did great considering it was her first night. Jack is also in the same soccer class so they both had a blast. Now for pictures.


My little runner!

When Jack first got there

Gabbie liked to hold the ball a lot. I am guessing Jack is explaining the rules here!

High 5 after the big lesson

Aren't they so cute?

Gabbie was going in for a kiss right here!
Gabbie and Jacob


Jenn said...

the cutest kids ever!!!! i'm so excited that i'll get to see her every week (and you guys), at least for the 1st 4 weeks!!!

Bobbi said...

How awesome!!! Looks like she ended up having a blast.

Yeah, right there with you on the athletic abilities---knowledge too!!

Rhonda said...

How fun. That is just toooo adorable with Gabbie trying to go in for the kiss from Jack, LOL