Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gabbie's favorite things

One of Gabbie's favorite things to do is dress up. She is a huge girly girl. She loves dresses, skirts, tutus, shoes, princess shoes, purses, and probably the most jewelry! Every day she gets dressed up. At Maw Maw's today she wore her tutu skirt and a pretty necklace. She would have worn more but they get tangled and I told her only one necklace. We left the house to shopping and she realized she forgot her necklace. She was not happy. So, Maw Maw fixed that really quickly by buying necklaces and hair pretties (what Gabbie calls them) to match. Gabbie was super happy then.

Gabbie was even happier today when we hit the shoe section of the store. I came around the corner and there was Maw Maw sitting on a bench and Gabbie on the floor trying on a pair of princess shoes that had lights on them. They were discussing how they were too big. Gabbie took them off, put them back in the box, and walked them over to the correct section to put them on the shelf. She then started shopping for more shoes. I ended up finding the princess shoes in her size so she walked out with a new pair of princess sandals with lights that she loves!

Last night we were at a friend's house who has a 3 year old girl. She had 5 pairs of shoes for Gabbie that her daughter barely wore and had outgrown. Gabbie was happy as could be with her new shoes. She looked at each pair, held each shoe, and talked away about them until we got home.

Finally jewelry has really become her main love lately. I will let the pictures do the talking for this gypsy girl as my mom calls her!

She is serious when it comes to putting her jewelry on!

My beautiful girl at Maw Maw's house today.

Gabbie loves Maw Maw's new fairies.

My first communion veil! Gabbie loved it!

Tonight before bed in her Belle pjs from Maw Maw. (please ignore the box full of pictures on the left)


The Best Family said...

love the rings on every finger!

Bobbi said...

She reminds me of my oldest. We called her a gypsy for months. It took us a good half hour to get the jewelery on and off. Oh, and she was picking shoes out on her own at 14 months. Know what else is funny? She doesn't like jewelery at all now!!

That girl is all girl!!

Rhonda said...

OHMY GOSH Angie she is just gorgeous. So love her take on the pictures!! I so laughed on the rings!!!!

Jenn said...

she looks so big! and i'm so touched that she's still carrying around her gloworm!@@@

TNKerry said...

What a pretty princess she is!!!

Debbie B said...

Those pictures are great. Isabel loves wearing her one bracelet and has borrowed a long necklace of mine every time I wear it. I see this in my future as well.

So sweet how she just took the shoes right back and continued shopping.

Ashley said...

This is just precious!