Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can someone tell me the secret to....

getting good pictures of a 16month old? Seriously she won't sit still. Every time I touch the camera, which is a lot, she says cheese really quick, and is done. She knows what the camera is for and gives me the appropriate cheese, but by time the camera is on, she is gone! Hopefully it will get better!

Gabbie is saying a lot of words now. Her favorite word that she is saying and using correctly is please. She knows when to say it and said it today at least 20 times alone today. I know that it is wonderful, except for she says it sometimes when she wants stuff she can't have, and then gets mad when she doesn't get it. Her temper is really starting to come out! We have a feisty one!

Gabbie reading her Santa book

Cheesing way to much for the camera

Check out the wild hair! We have decided to get it trimmed in March when I get mine done next. Hopefully this will tame it down some. In the above pictures it was wet so it was much more calm than normal.

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Sig said...

Abby used to be so good now she does the same, says "cheese" and then runs away. Grrrr.
Love Gabbies hair!