Monday, January 21, 2008

Computer Genius???

First off let me start by saying this has been a wonderful 3 day weekend. I love long weekends spent with my baby. Gabbie was pretty good all weekend with the exception of church yesterday. She is starting to get a little temper when things don't go her way though. Every time you tell her not to do something or get her to do something she doesn't want to she lets out a scream. Honestly it is so hard not to laugh because she is such a stinker. Tonight she was standing on the couch which she loves to do. This would be fine for most children but you see Gabbie likes to just walk off the couch. She knows how to get down the right way and does it a lot but also likes to just walk off. So Steve told her to sit on her bottom while on the couch and she screamed. The screams just last a second. It seems once she gets it out she has released her frustration and is okay.

Her food consumption today consisted of an entire nutrigrain bar for breakfast, cheddar cheerio mix and marshmellows for morning snack, lasagna and carrots for lunch, 3/4 of a snickerdoodle cookie from Mrs. Fields, 2 chicken nuggets, broccoli (she loves broccoli), and entire dole fruit cup. Sounds like it should be enough for a small Guat tot right? Not so. When mommy decided to eat dinner which consisted of green beans and a Angel Hair Marinara from WW, Gabbie decided she needed some of that too. So she then proceeded to eat 20ish of my grean beans and about 5 or 6 bites of my WW meal. That seems like a lot to me today now that I type it out. She really has taken a liking to eating lately.

On to the computer genius part. I ate dinner upstairs while on the computer with Gabbie sitting on my lap. So after we shared my dinner she wanted to stay on my lap and play with the computer mouse. She loves to sit on my lap and look at pictures of other children, or babies as she calls anyone pretty much under 4. She also likes to look at puppies. So I pulled up a couple of my favorite baby blogs and I swear she took over the mouse and was able to scroll down and look at the pictures. She was going fast of course but would stop and say baby every time. She was so excited and would let out a happy scream too. I went to take charge of the mouse and she was swatting my hand away(not good I know, but remember she is a stinker and we are working on it).

So for Grandma here are some pictures. I have included some of her doing her computer work! Do I have a computer geek in the making?

Excited over a baby

My sassy girl. The shirt says it all.

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