Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Part 1

Lucky for Gabbie the Easter bunny came this morning and not tonight. Let's just say Gabbie is starting to take a liking to hitting. She was a little stinker today but I suppose I should save this topic for another day. (Anyone have an 18.5 month old hitter? Please tell me she is NOT the only one!)

Now for the pictures from this morning, Easter Part 1. Apparently we forgot to comb her hair and more importantly wet it down! This kid has some crazy hair in the morning!

This was her first close up look at her basket. She was really excited!

She HAD to open up this Dora ball set. This should be fun keeping away from Sydney (our dog).

Here is Gabbie showing Big Bird her things from the Easter bunny. Notice the pink grass dumped out of the basket. I must have put it back in 3 times and she kept dumping it out.

Gabbie really was so sweet and smiley. I love these next two pictures. My happy baby girl.

Crazy hair!

Dumping out the grass yet again for me!

Stay tuned for Easter part 2

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