Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part 2

Easter was a very busy day. We had to be at Steve's family's celebration at noon for the annual easter egg hunt. After that we ate, chatted for a little while, and took off to grandma's house at about 2:15.

As usual Gabbie had a blast running through Grandma's house. Basically we all sat around and watched her tear the place up! I think she likes it there because grandma doesn't set many boundaries and spoils Gabbie rotten. Now for the pictures.

Here is grandma showing Gabbie her basket.

She wasn't a huge fan of the peeps.

Gabbie got new Dora and Boots sunglasses!

Steve is going to get me when he sees this. Sorry honey but I think this picture is funny!

As you can tell from the next few pictures Gabbie liked the chocolate bunny from Grandma.

Not parting with the bunny!

Gabbie got a new broom, mop, and cleaning set from GG which she loves!!! She likes to play dust and clean.

Back to the bunny! Uncle Steve was outside making funny faces at Gabbie. She was cracking up with a mouth full of chocolate. It was kind of funny but gross!

Hmm more bunny.

Finally we got the bunny away from her.

Here is Gabbie in the Easter basket grandma gave her last year. She still fits! Check out a couple of posts back to compare last year to this year. I wonder if she will fit next year.

Of course she had to play with the grass.

Gabbie sat in this basket watching the new Backyardigans DVD from Grandma for 20 minutes.

Here Gabbie is totally chilling. She was so funny with her feet propped up watching TV. I would ask her if she would want to get out and I got a big fat no.

By the way believe it or not, after all of that chocolate and sugar, Gabbie fell asleep at 6:45 on the way home from Grandma's house. That's my baby girl!


Bobbi said...

Love all of the Easter pics. That girl knows how to eat chocolate!! A girl after my own heart.

I too have a 19 month old hitter/hair puller. Oh, he is just vicious!! His poor sisters!!

I love her crazy hair!!

Farrah and Jed said...

Thank you Angie for your thoughts and prayers...We really need them right now!