Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gabbie update

The last couple of weeks with Gabbie have been interesting. Apparently during the day Gabbie is taking a class in temper tantrum throwing and getting an A. The tantrums have been interesting to say the least. I am thinking I need to read up on toddlers. Right now she is on the floor at my feet kicking and screaming saying mama, dada. It is so relaxing! Any book recommendations???

In other news, Gabbie is talking up a storm. She has always done well with her words but now it is reaching a new level. She has well over 50 words in her vocabulary and is adding more daily. She is also now repeating everything we say which is funny and scary at the same time. We normally don't say bad words in front of her but now we are having to make extra sure we don't as she is the queen of repeating. She is even repeating little phrases like "I don't know" and things like that. She is putting two words together frequently and sometimes three. It is so awesome to watch her learn new things! As bad as the tantrums are we are still enjoying this stage.

Now for some pictures. Gabbie took her first bubble bath and at first freaked out. Once we got her in there though, she didn't want out.

Look at that belly! She really is a petite girl but that belly is something else!

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