Saturday, June 7, 2008

GG's Birthday

Today we celebrated my grandma's birthday. We now call her GG as she is Gabbie's great grandma. I took these first few pictures this morning for a picture book I got for Gabbie to give GG that said 'Great Grandma's Brag Book.' Everywhere GG goes she takes pictures of Gabbie with her and I mean everywhere so the book was a perfect gift. I have seen people on other blogs do the sign thing and I thought there was no way Gabbie would cooperate, but instead she loved it!

This was the very first picture in GG's brag book. Perfect I thought!

Gangster Gabbie! This kid loves hats! You can be driving down the road or stopped at a busy intersection and Gabbie will see the guy on his bike 50 feet away with a hat on and say dada hat or mama hat. She always points out people with hats.

Another hat picture with her pretzel. Gabbie loves pretzels because she likes licking the salt off. Anyone who knows me well knows I love salt. Gabbie is no different. I guess the saying like mother like daughter is true with us! Poor daddy has it in for him!

spinning on GG's chair. Notice the scratches on Gabbie's face. I guess her and another kid got into a fight over a book at the sitter's house and Gabbie won the book but got the scratches. If you ask Gabbie she will tell you the kitty kitty did it but the sitter said it was the book. Anyway, they aren't too bad, but I just hope they heal quickly.

more spinning

Gabbie and cousin Joe played their bottoms off today. Gabbie had Joe feeding her dip and pulling her around in a box all day. She is crazy about him. If you ask her about him she just smiles that sweet smile.

I love this picture. Gabbie was so serious looking into Chloe's eyes trying to get some love.

This is what I found this morning. Of course before I told her to get down I grabbed the camera. Bad mommy!!!

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Rhonda said...

Great pictures of that cutie patootie Gabbie girl!!! She is just a hoot and LOVE the dress mommy!!! Happy Birthday GG