Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! We woke up early and tried to go to church but before we could make it even out of our showers Gabbie was throwing one fit after another. She has been going through a phase of one nasty diaper after another and random outbursts or fits full of tears. We are starting to suspect those stinking 2 year molars are going to be making an appearance soon. Anyway, we pretty much lounged around the house and went to Steve's parents for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day.

Here are some pictures of daddy and Gabbie. Steve is a wonderful father! Gabbie really is a huge daddy's girl. In the middle of one of her fits today while laying on the floor with her face down on the carpet she stopped whining and looked up at him to see if he was going to save her. He didn't respond so she started back up again. It was sort of cute to be honest.

I have to laugh because her relationship with him is the same as mine was with my dad, a spoiled daddy's girl! Unfortunately my dad is not here anymore but watching them brings back some memories of when I was daddy's girl just like her. She already gives him those looks, you know the ones where she wants something and if she looks all sweet at him she gets it! She already pitches fits when she doesn't get her way and waits for him to give it to her! There is definitely something special about daddy's and their daughters.
Now for the pictures:

Here is a picture of the first time daddy held his baby girl on our visit trip to Guatemala in December 2006. Gabbie was just 3 months old. I love this picture.

This is one of my favorites too taken in the Westin lobby on our visit trip.

Gabbie had been home around a month or two when this was taken

Gabbie's first birthday

Christmas morning


Gabbie's first St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Here they are looking at the stadium from the parking garage.

This was taken today looking at the lake.

Notice the shirt - It says Daddy's Royal Highness - Grandma gave this to Gabbie yesterday. She wore it today as it is perfect!

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