Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bikini time

Sunday we went to Toys R Us to buy one of those fancy schmancy plastic pools for Gabbie. We brought it home, filled it up with water and allowed it to soak in the sun while Gabbie napped so it would be nice and warm when she woke up. The water was cold but she still loved it! She would jump so she would fall but never would actually sit in it deliberately. She normally require either Steve or me to be standing in the water with her too. She loved to splash and get us wet. Watching Gabbie made me remember being a child and playing in my silver pool and having a blast. It was so fun to watch Gabbie do something new and different. Next weekend we might brave grandma's pool!

Now for pictures of Gabbie in her bikini. I bought this bikini at Baby Gap back in March and love it! Steve and I agree this might the only bikini she will ever own or at least until she is 35.

Gabbie has recovered from the flu and has some meat on her bones again!

Eating her cookie in her bikini.

dancing away!

This one is for grandma. I think it is her favorite pic.

She ate not one but two popsicles. She really liked them


TNKerry said...

I love it!!!! Those pics are adorable. We hope to get CiCi into a pool or sprinkler of some sort by the end of the summer - she is not a fan, yet!!!

Rhonda said...

How adorable!!!! She looks just beautiful with her little bitty bikini!!!! Those popsicles can be quite the hit!!!! Our girls never eat one but TWO!!!!!!!

Farrah and Jed said...

Love the swim suit....she is just precious! Madisyn loves the pool as long as she can touch bottom... And she is fine in a big pool with a pool float.

Michelle Smiles said...

Oh if only we could all look so cute in a bikini!!

Jennifer said...

She is just too cute for words!!! I love it! You always have such great pictures!