Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to play

Lately I am amazed with the amount of real playing Gabbie is doing. She doesn't just run around the house like a maniac anymore, but she actually stops and plays for a while! She is really into books and puzzles right now. I went to Target today and got her 3 puzzles for ages 2 and up and we took the pieces out and within a couple of minutes she had them back in the right place like it was no challenge at all. So now I am searching for more puzzles that are more challenging yet won't be too advanced and tick her off because when she tries something and can't do it she gets super mad. This little girl has one fierce temper!

Now for some pictures from yesterday.

It was really hot outside yesterday!

My smiley baby girl

This expression cracks me up! She was so excited because she would knock on the door and Sydney would peek through the blinds.

My princess cannot have dirty hands.


Rhonda said...

OMGOSH she is just way toooo cute and love that pony tail! This weather is definitely way too hot!!! That is really great with the puzzles. My Em just puts the pieces in her mouth. Sure wish the 2 year old molars would hurry up and come in!!

Alleen said...

She is a beauty!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Is her full name Gabrielle or Gabriella???? Another Miss G..... :-)

Michelle Smiles said...

Too cute!

We were just talking about getting Sabrina some puzzles because she seems to be outgrowing all of her toys. I brought out a few "older" ones and was thinking some wooden puzzles might be good. But she also gets super mad if things don't work like the "should". She has some mega blocks and if they don't go together they way she wants them to we have a meltdown and then either shove them at mommy or throw them at the dog.