Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crazy Christmas Eve

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is almost over already. This has been one quick and crazy night. To sum up the night there was a lot of food and a lot of presents. Gabbie was too funny. She opened up a little pink computer from Uncle Pat and didn't want to open anything else. She just wanted to play with the computer. Fortunately that passed and she went to town opening the gifts. It was so fun to watch her excitement. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning when she sees her gifts from Santa!

When we first got to Steve's parent's house Gabbie was really crabby. Steve put her down for a nap at 12:30 and she decided to play in her crib instead of sleeping. She finally fell asleep at 2:30 and we had to wake her at 3:30. She was not happy. This is the crabby/sad/sleepy face.

Another sleepy face.

After dinner she perked up especially when she found out it was present time!

Gabbie loved these Hello Kitty hair pretties (what she calls them) from Grandma.

Her pink computer from Uncle Pat and Peyton

Of course one of her favorite things to do. Play with the dog! She chased him in circles for quite a long time. Buddy is a great dog and tolerated her torture!


Rhonda said...

Way to go Gabbie, wear that doggie out!!! Then come to my house and wear out my two doggies, hahahaha
Have a very Merry Christmas my friend. Will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow :-)

Bobbi said...

We wear them out so much for the Holiday's!! But, we have to cram all the fun in. She was adorable in her dress.

Looks like the presents were a big hit.