Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did she really say that?

Gabbie has really been saying some funny things lately. I am not sure where she gets some of this stuff. It is funny too because many times she knows she is being funny. Anyway, Monday night it took Steve and me together to get her diaper changed and pajama's on. She was not having any of the getting ready for bed routine. So, we both are putting her pj's on and she starts screaming 'no guys, no guys, no guys, no guys' over and over. We busted out laughing so hard. Since when did we become guys????

Dinner is one area we need supernanny for. Gabbie wants to get up and walk around. So a couple of nights ago Steve was holding her while he was finishing eating and told her she needed to go sit down so he could get more food. She proceeded to tell him no. He told her again that he was going to put her down or she could go sit with me or on her chair. She proceeded to look directly at me and say 'get food now'. Apparently she realized if I got it then he would not have to put her down. For those that know me well, they know that is hilarious. Usually Steve is the one serving me, not me him!!! We laughed so hard again and get this, I actually got the food.

Finally tonight Grandma came over and we all watched Rudolph on TV. It was Gabbie's first time seeing it and she seem to like it a lot. Grandma was leaving and we were all say bye and as grandma walked through the garage Gabbie said 'be careful'. It was truly so sweet. I often say this to my mom because she has a 35 minute ride home but tonight Gabbie totally beat me to it.


Bobbi said...

I love it when they surprise us with what they say. CUTE!!

We need SuperNanny at dinner too. Oh, it is just not pretty. We either let him run around and get up and down, or the whole family listens to him scream. Neither is a good plan!! She is a smart cookie

Farrah said...

Kids say the crazyest stuff...

And Eating period Madisyn will not sit at the table! I agree with Bobbi if we want to eat without hearing her scream we let her sit in the living room with her tray!

Jenn said...

how cute! well...the "be careful" part anyway.
and you've seen our "meal times." what a joke!!! they'll eat when the want to eat, and not any other time!!! dang kids!