Sunday, December 21, 2008

So close yet so far away

We went to see Santa today. Wait let me rephrase that, Steve and I actually saw Santa. Gabbie instead clung on to Daddy and refused to even look at Santa. We were so close, it was our turn, and I thought it was going to happen but nope Gabbie had other plans. Needless to say I got nothing in the way of Santa and Gabbie pictures. The funny thing is the Santa picture helper girl asked before the picture what package you wanted. I told Steve I wanted to see the picture before I decided. Ha ha did I really think I would get an actual picture??? At least we can say we tried.... She did save us a lot of money!

I did manage to take a couple of pictures before we left to go see Santa. Here is one of Gabbie with her snowflake tights that I love! I got them on ebay brand new. The brand is Gymboree. Let's just say I paid nearly as much for them as I did for her Gymboree dress she is wearing for Christmas! I waited until the last minute to get her dress and got an amazing deal! Can't say the same for the tights but I guess the 2 together kind of balance each other out!

I am sick again. Seriously, I am so tired of having a sore throat. Hopefully it will be gone by Christmas. I am so excited for Wednesday at 1. My office closes at 1 and then I am off until Jan 5 on vacation! That is 11 whole days. I haven't been off that much in a row since we went to Guatemala to pick up Gabbie. I can't wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and Merry Christmas!


Jenn said...

not shocked about the picture! i remember last year! it wasn't pretty then, either!!!
i can't wait to see her Christmas dress..i'm always looking for jordyn's future dresses!!!

Bobbi said...

Sorry about Santa. Maybe next year. She is just so cute!!

Rhonda said...

Yuupppers, no Santa pictures this here for us either!!! Bummer city and I wasn't a happy camper after waiting for 80 minutes! We've had sickness constantly with all of us here and I am praying we all feel better by Christmas too! How fun for vacation!!!!! What are your plans?????? Happy holidays my dear friend :-)
Hugs, Rhonda

Rhonda said...

PS: LOVE the tights! Have those too!!! hahahahaha