Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm here

I am still here. I am fortunately feeling 100% better but Steve is sick and has been for a couple of weeks. I have been telling him to call the doctor for over a week but he hasn't. Tonight he finally said he guesses he should call the doctor. Hmm... I do recall a genius wife mentioning that a while back.

Gabbie is sick now. We had kind of hoped after this last set of tubes and getting her adenoids removed she wouldn't get sick as much but I guess that is not happening. I took her to the doctor today and somehow she has an ear and sinus infection. The doctor said the ear infection is a weird one too. The fluid isn't draining like it normally does. She is coughing a lot and not sleeping too well so it stinks. She is now on 3 meds so I am hoping by the end of the weekend she will feel better. On a positive side she was such a big girl at the doctor and didn't cry at all. When we went to Target to get her medication filled she landed popcorn, an icee, a princess ball, wonder pets phone, and 2 Dora snow princess babies. All she had to do was cross her hands and say please! She is getting good at playing us let me tell you!!!

Other than that nothing is really new. We are coming up on a very special anniversary which is Gabbie's 2 year homecoming. I cannot believe she has been home 2 years already. It seems like just yesterday. I cannot imagine my life without her.

Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend. They are not the best as Gabbie was a little sick but it's all I got. We went to visit the J family. Of course Gabbie had a blast playing with all of Jack, Jacob, and Jordyn's new Christmas toys.

Sweet baby Jordyn. She is already 10 months old. That is crazy!

Gabbie waiting patiently for play dough.

Gabbie and Jack


Jenn said...

i wondered if there'd be anything new ever again!!! i was starting to worry!!! glad to know you're back.
and i seem to recall you living on amoxicillin as a child...

Bobbi said...

I was so hoping she was over all of the sickies!! Hope her meds kick in and she is better soon. Glad you are better--and back. I missed you!!

Rhonda said...

Oh I soooo hate reading others are having the sickies. Please know we are dealing with it too :-( But SCORE at Target Gabbie!!!!