Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My little snow angel

Today was a snow day. Unfortunately I had to work but daddy's school was cancelled so he got to stay home with Gabbie. Around 10 they ventured out to buy her first sled. Apparently she loved it! Also during sledding she dropped to the ground to make snow angels. We watched something on TV a while back where 3 people were making snow angels and she remembered and even told daddy what she was doing and what he should do! He denied her request though as he did not want to get wet.

I was very sad I missed her first real time playing in the snow but fortunately daddy took some pictures so I feel like at least I got to see some of it. From the looks of it I am thinking she had fun!

Snow angel time

I think she is closing her eyes to be silly.

Check out those new boots. I bought these for Gabbie a couple of months ago but besides wearing them around the house once or twice this is the first time she actually wore them out. Apparently when they went to buy her sled she had to walk around the store because of her new boots. This kid likes new shoes let me tell you! Daddy took this picture to show how snowy her booty was. Once they came in he bundled Gabbie up in warm clothes and they had princess chicken noodle soup!


Bobbi said...

CUTE!!! Sorry you had to miss her first snow. I never like to miss anything either.

Looks like she had fun!!

TNKerry said...

sorry you missed out, but it sure sounds like she had fun with her daddy - a very good thing :)

Rhonda said...

OH how fun, sorry you had to work but great pictures and I really like the "princess soup"!!!! That is toooo cute!!!

Rhonda said...

I still can't get over all the snow!!!! is it all still there?

I wanted to let you know I gave you a "life is grand" award. Please check out my blog for details!

Hugs, Rhonda