Sunday, January 25, 2009

My silly princess

Gabbie is really silly. Steve and I find ourselves laughing at her all day. She knows how to push our buttons and make us laugh. I always say to her 'Gabbie you are something else". She responds with "no you are something else mama". We can go back and forth for 4 rounds of this. That's my baby girl.

Not a whole lot going on. In two shorts weeks from today we will be celebrating Gabbie's 2 year homecoming anniversary! I cannot believe that much time has gone by. I would love to freeze her at this age for sure if I could. She is growing and changing so much. It is great to see her blossom but sad that she is now a little girl. I didn't think it was possible but every day I love her more and more.

Here is my silly princess. This weekend's outfit consisted of PJ's with a tutu on top.

Cousin Peyton came over to play Saturday and the girls had a blast.


Jenn said...

what a pretty princess! we missed you guys tonight, but hope you all had fun at grandmas!

Bobbi said...

Love her beautiful outfit!! She is really growing up. Aren't these anniversaries exciting??

Rhonda said...

Oh Angie, I keep wishing we could "freeze" this time too. I can't believe our girls are growing so fast!!! Just think back to our agency forum board when we were talking about them!!!!I just LOVE that pj picture with the tutu and the crown!!!! Go Gabbie!!!!

Farrah said...


What is your homecoming date? Ours is Feb.13th....Can you believe it has been 2 years since we brought them home, Then again it seems like forever!

Maria and Family said...

Gabbie is getting SOOOO big! She is just beautiful! I had lost your blog but found ya :)