Sunday, January 4, 2009

The party's over and I'm sick

Vacation has come to end. It sure is going out with a bang as I am super sick. I cannot stop coughing and am really congested. To be honest it is gross and tomorrow I return to work. I am praying a miracle occurs overnight and I wake up feeling better because this has to go soon. Fortunately I can shut my office door but with the walls being paper thin I am sure to gross someone out. Also, the constant coughing is killing my stomach and back.

Now for a couple of pictures. One day last week we took Gabbie to Monkey Joe's which is a jumping on inflatables type place. At first she was not happy because daddy couldn't jump with her. Eventually we got her to go on the toddler jumper and she loved it. She even tried a couple of other ones too and when it was time to leave she didn't want to go!

Jack redefining the cool-aid mustache! He sure liked that slushy!


Jenn said...

at the rate that Jack appears on your blog, they're going to have to get married. or, maybe, they'll be so sick of seeing/hearing about each other that it'll never happen!
sorry that you're returning to work. mcd monday and monkey joes was TONS of fun! but now back to the grind!!!

Bobbi said...

OH, I hope you feel better. What a nasty way to end vacation.

Rhonda said...

Oh no Angie, I hope you are feeling better????? You poor thing, what a way to end the vacation time.
Thinking of you and sending "well wishes".

Aunt Terri said...

Jack's comb-over looks pretty suave!!
Seeing the 3 of you during your time off was sure fun! Someone needs to win the lottery or inherit lots of money (whatever it takes) so you guys can quit your jobs and play with us!

TNKerry said...

Hope you are feeling better!!!

Rhonda said...

Angie, check on my blog, I've awarded you a very special "award".
Hugs my friend and hoping you are all feeling well and could use a little more "Gabbie" picture fix!!!!

Farrah said...

Just checking on you girl it's been a while since you blogged!

I miss my Gabbie Girl...