Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Time Daddy's Girl

Today we went to Jennifer's to see baby Jordyn. Gabbie was fine with grandma (my mom) holding Jordyn and me holding her too. When it came time for Daddy to hold her though a whole new Gabbie emerged. See this cute look below? Let's just say the look wasn't anywhere near this cute. She literally cried and cried screaming da da, da da. A lot of times Gabbie will tell me "my da da". It is becoming obvious she sure means it!

Check out the new shoes. Rhonda sent Gabbie a new pair of squeaky shoes. I swear she tap dances in them. She loves them! Thanks Rhonda!!!

I love this sweet picture:) She is so peaceful and quiet throwing no temper tantrums.

Gabbie and Jack. It was cute to watch them play together.

Here they are playing together. They actually did this for about 5 minutes and shared. Soon after though they went back to stealing toys from each other. Honestly, Gabbie was pretty much the one stealing. She is such a stinker. When she gets a toy she will hold onto it for dear life. I am assuming this is normal toddler behavior? Anyone??

Future doctor?

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Rhonda said...

OH my goodness, just LOVED seeing all the pictures. She is so gorgeous. I am sooooo glad she loved the shoes as much as my girls love theirs! ENJOY them little Gabbie. Loved the "daddy's girl"! I think Emily could compete really well in the temper tantrum part. She too is down on the floor kicking, screaming for her way! She has been doing this now for 8 months and we are truly praying for the day it ENDS.

"Squeak" away Gabbie!!!!