Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Today we took Gabbie to her first ever St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and she had a blast! She actually sat through the first 4 innings like a perfect angel with a little help from nachos and cheese, a pretzel, sprite, and her new favorite treat cotton candy! Then we got up and walked around Busch Stadium to Build a Bear so she could build a Fredbird. After that we returned for 2 more successful innings with the help of Dippin Dots. $100 later (not including tickets) we walked out with what would prove to be one tired 19 month old. Cardinals lost but that was okay because we still had fun.

Now for pictures from today.

Here is our view from our seats. They were just two rows of the field. We had a pretty good view.

Gabbie has yummy pretzel salt on her face in this pic!

Daddy taught her how to lick her fingers to get the cotton candy off

Blue tongue thanks to cotton candy.

More cotton candy!

Diego came to the game with us too

Gabbie was very patient at Build a Bear.

Not even 10 minutes after we pulled out of the parking garage Gabbie passed out with Fredbird playing Take me out to the ball game barely hanging on to Gabbie.

Finally Fredbird fell and she was out

Gabbie being silly with Fredbird

I like this picture but she has peanut butter on her face. I think it is still cute though how she is posing with Fredbird in these pictures.

Here is our big girl at the end of a long day still smiling. We sure had fun. Love you baby girl!


Rhonda said...

How fun and just love the pictures'!!! GO Gabbie!! Did you teach her the "out to the baseball" song?? hahahahaha Miss those professional sports that we had in MN but NOT the snow!!!!!

What a truly fun and special day!

Michelle Smiles said...

How cute! That is one thing about not living in Pittsburgh - we don't go to sporting events like we did there.

Jennifer said...

How adorable! It looks like you all had a blast! She is just the cutest thing ever...

Kelly said...

GO CARDS! It looks like so much fun...I am jealous!