Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mall fun

Not a whole lot to write today. We had a nice weekend. Today we took Gabbie to the mall for some new shoes. We found 1 pair at the stride rite store and I just bought 2 pairs from stride rite online so for now Gabbie is set for shoes between the new ones, her tennis shoes, and squeaky shoes! She still has teeny tiny feet at a size 5 wide!

Gabbie had a great time today running around the mall like a wild child. She rode the carousel with grandma once and daddy once. She also rode a purple car over and over again. Then she screamed all of the way home and refused dinner. It is so fun having a 20 month old!!!! Finally before bedtime she decided she was hungry and ate not one, but two yo baby yogurts. All in all it was a great weekend!

Oh and I forgot to add a special thank you to grandma (my mom). Last mother's day for my 1st mothers day I got a Coach purse I had my eye on for a while. This year I got a beautiful Sapphire and diamond ring!!! I wanted one for mothers day as Sapphire is Gabbie's birthstone. Today at Macy's we were looking at rings and I found one I loved and next thing I know my mom bought it for me for my second mothers day and all remaining ones as well! Thank you mom and I love you!!! Now the pictures:

Gabbie and her kitty cat riding the purple car. I love the little innocent look on her face here.

Riding the carousel with Grandma.

Gabbie and grandma switched to the spinning seat because she wasn't too crazy about riding the horse.


After riding with daddy.

Asking for money for the car.

Ha ha I got my money!


Michelle Smiles said...

Shoes - oy! Last week all of Sabrina's shoes fit just fine. Yesterday? I noticed 2 pairs had suddenly shrunk so we have a trip to Target in our future to buy some summer shoes in size 5 now (I assume...last time she skipped size 3 so I can't make assumptions).

Nice mommy's day gift!

Ashley said...

Why did I just recently find your blog to watch my referral baby buddy? Gabbie is just precious! I thought Eliza had tiny feet, now I know she does she sports a 2 or a 3.

TNKerry said...

I just love Gabbie's expression in that top picture!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

She is just so precious!!!

Rhonda said...

LOVE that picture of Gabbie. WHAT a gorgeous little girl. She and Emily are running neck to neck in the shoe size!!! Emily just graduated to size 5 wide too!!!

Really laughed at the picture with the hand up for more money!!! GET ready mommy and daddy, that's only the beginning!!!! hahahaha