Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap

Wow what a busy fun filled weekend! Saturday I took Gabbie for another needed haircut. She was a perfect angel so I was relieved! We then hit the toy store for some bubbles, a bubble machine which isn't working, and a present for Jacob. Saturday afternoon we went to Pump It Up for Jacob's 4th birthday and it was wild! Imagine 20ish 4 year olds running around jumping, sliding, screaming, and acting crazy. I was a nervous wreck watching my little Guatemalan toddler nearly get trampled 10 times but it didn't faze her and she had a blast! Luckily daddy was able to enjoy the fun with her but I had to sit out because that place isn't a good place for a 33 year old woman, much less a 33 year old woman with a bad back. We ended Saturday night with dinner at Kriegers where Gabbie and Jack pigged out. Both of them are getting over that stomach bug and have been eating like champs.

Sunday we went to a BBQ and today went to the Gypsy Caravan which is basically a giant flea market with all sorts of things. I just love 3 day weekends with Gabbie!!! Ahh back to reality tomorrow though. Only 4 working days left!!!!

Now for some pictures.

Gabbie at Pump It Up

Gabbie LOVED jumping in this thing. I cannot even tell you how many face plants she did because there were so many but she didn't shed one tear. Instead she kept jumping and jumping!

This picture cracks me up! This is what happens when daddy takes Gabbie down the slide. Daddy got a little slide burn. Perfect timing for the camera though to catch that face!

Gabbie and Jennifer

Gabbie and Jack at dinner. They are so cute together.

When we were leaving we told them to kiss goodbye. Let me tell you they did and it was a huge kiss! Too bad my slow camera missed it:(

I wish I could get her to leave her shoes on.


Bobbi said...

What a little cutie. I just love all of her expressions.

I am not sure if I could have handled all those kids and my little one in the midst of the chaos!! Good job Mom.

Glad you are all on the mend. The flu is no fun.

Potty?!?!!? JEALUOUS!! Reese just thinks it is for throwing things in--or sticking your hand in.

Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness, love the haircut! She is just the cutest little thing with all her amazing expressions! What a fun weekend
:-) I too don't think I could have kept sane with all those kids either!!!! What fun!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful little girl, so adorable!!