Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Perfect Shirt

I found this shirt at Target and had to get it for Gabbie. I think she really believes she is too cute for timeout. Are we failing as parents because honestly I cannot remember her last timeout but I do remember a ton of offenses?


Rhonda said...

LOVE that shirt!!!!! I may have to go check out our Target!!! We unfortunately have been having to utilize the "time out chair" with our 3 year old so hopefully things will iron out soon,


Jennifer said...

Adorable! I am pretty sure my kids THINK that very thing... but sadly... they have been settling into life as a family of 6 lately... and timeouts have been frequent and familiar. :)

Bobbi said...

I find time outs tough at this age. but, for Reese being placed anywhere and told a firm no usually set him into a string of tears. I see him spending much time in time out in the coming months.

Love her expression.