Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is finally getting hot here in St. Louis. I think the high today was somewhere around 85 degrees. We spent the majority of the day inside cleaning and doing laundry. After naptime we went to Grandma's house to play for a while and then the family headed out to cousin Joe's baseball game. Gabbie had a blast of course because she got to run around like a wild woman and play baseball with her ball and pink bat. Tomorrow we plan on getting Gabbie a little pool to play in and just hanging out at home.

Here is my future baseball star! For being 20 months old she isn't too bad!

I love her little farmer's tan in this picture! She is just like her daddy!

This child gets so hot outside. Her head is full of sweat and her cheeks get rosy.

Watching the game with grandma next to her. They had fun playing together. Gabbie was all about her grandma today.

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Jennifer said...

So adorable! I love her in PINK... and with her matching pink shoes and bat.