Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nothing gets by Gabbie

Gabbie seems to have reached the age where I can't lie to her anymore about things. For instance we were sitting here a couple of minutes ago eating pull and peel twizzlers. We each had an entire rope. I had put the package up high on our dresser so she couldn't see them and wouldn't ask for another one. Well after she ate hers she asked for another one and I told her they were all gone because we ate them all. So she got off of my lap, went in to our bedroom, came back out to me and said "I show you mama come here". She grabbed my hand and took me in to our room and showed me the candy standing far enough back to see on her tippy toes. Nice huh? So, I broke it in half for us and she proceeded to attempt to sword fight with it.

We decorated for Christmas last night. It is amazing to me that an entire year has gone by already since last Christmas. Gabbie was so cute with the tree and ornaments. Grandma came up and brought Gabbie a Tinkerbell ornament which is perfect since Gabbie is in love with the movie and everything Tinkerbell. In our house Annie and Tinkerbell rule!

Eating cheetos before decorating. This child LOVES cheetos!

Being a little stinker

Putting an ornament on the tree. I have all of my old ornaments from when I was a child. It is funny because Gabbie likes some of the characters now, like the care bears and disney princesses.

Such a big girl!!!
Now the fun begins, trying to keep her from constantly touching the decorations!


Bobbi said...

Sounds like you all had a great weekend and holiday. This season is going to be so fun with our Guat-tots. I have all of my own ornaments from when I was young as well. It is great to share them with my children. So many gret memories.

Good luck keeping her out of the tree!! Oh, and, Reese isn't into being tricked anymore either

Rhonda said...

What a fun weekend. We are doing that tomorrow night! We ended up putting a play gate (super yard XT at BRU) around the tree. Worked well last year, guess we'll see about this year!!! It's so fun to go down memory lane. We have the same thing and give each of our children an ornament each year too.

Hope you have a great week :-)

Jenn said...

dang sneaky toddlers! you can't trust them, can you?
i'm trying to figure out what ornaments to get my kids for Christmas this year. i try to get them a "special" one every year. someday, hopefully, they'll hang them on their own trees!