Friday, November 21, 2008

Boo hoo tubes again:(

Gabbie is sick again. Steve took her to the doctor again and it appears she has yet another ear infection, which makes 2 in 3 weeks. She got tubes in August 2007 but one is already out and apparently that is a problem. Also the pediatrician recommended we get that bump under her eye removed as it tends to flare up and her inner eyelid gets really red. Good news is her 2 doctors have coordinated surgeries together so we should be able to get these both done at the same time. So Monday I call the ENT and we go from there.

This past Wednesday night we had Gabbie's parent teacher conferences. I had no clue we would have these at just 2 years of age but we did. They went well. We found out she is leading the class in potty training so that is good. Her teacher said she is far ahead. We plan on trying out underwear around Christmas time when we are home with her for a straight week. That should be fun!

This picture is from Monday morning. I showed Gabbie her hat and gloves for school and she was so excited to show daddy but he had already left for work. I told her we could take a picture instead and she smiled really big.


Rhonda said...

Doesn't surprise me that she is so far ahead! Way to go Gabbie. So very sorry to hear about the ear tubes :-(

Kelly said...

Marissa's tubes fell out, too. Well, one of them did and then the other one got stuck and we had to have surgery to take it OUT. Sigh. We also coordinated eye/ear surgery once with her...all went well as I am sure it will with Gabbie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam!