Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jack's Birthday Party

What a day is all I can say. Gabbie started off at 5:00am. The last 3 days she has woke up at 5:00am so we are not exactly well rested. She took a 10 minute nap in the car around 10:45 and apparently that was enough for her. We tried again for another nap at 1pm but let's just say that didn't go well:( For now I will leave it at that as this is a messy story which I won't post for public viewing.

After the fiasco we headed to Jack's party at 2:45. Gabbie had a blast of course playing with the kids and toys.

After this crazy day we are staying inside tomorrow. I am hoping and praying Gabbie sleeps past 5:00am. She actually fell asleep on the way home from Jack's party so we had to keep her awake by driving with the inside light on and E L M O music blaring. We got home, ate dinner, and Gabbie was fast asleep within a couple of minutes of putting her down.
Now for pictures.

The birthday boy!

Gabbie and Jordyn

As always obsessed with Jordyn!

Gabbie really liked this easel. Lucky for her I hear she is getting one for Christmas.

Jenn had this birthday cake made for me! Thank you Jenn!!!!

My sweet baby girl.

Jack's poor cheeks have to hurt from blowing so hard to get the candles out. He did it though!!!

Gabbie and Grandma


Bobbi said...

Looks like lots of fun at the party. Glad she held up well. Oh, the joys of keeping a toddler awake!!

I love the new blog look, and the pic at the top

Rhonda said...

LOVE the new picture on your heading, gorgeous as always that sweet Gabby of yours.
Happy birthday Jack and did I see a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!!!!

We too are going through those NO NAP times...........ugh.........

Debbie B said...

I love the picture with her and Jordyn. Too cute! Looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

Amy said...

She is just so cute, I love that new heading picture, love the pig tails, she is just so sweet.