Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

The new antibiotic for Gabbie's ear infection (see previous post) is giving her stomach problems so tomorrow I have to call the doctor for a different one. Even with the stomach problems Gabbie was in a great mood all weekend. She was nearly a perfect angel except for a few moments last night before dinner. Today was a total lazy day. We watched Tinkerbell and Annie, all took naps, and didn't get out of our pj's until late afternoon. Somehow I am still tired though!

Last night we did Thanksgiving at Steve's parent's house. The food was delicious! Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the entire year and I don't even eat the turkey!!! Gabbie had a blast last night playing with Peyton and her toys.

I cannot believe the holiday season is here! I cannot wait to put up the Christmas tree on Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

Gabbie and Buddy - Gabbie loves dogs and she spent 50% of her time last night chasing poor Buddy around.

Gabbie having a fit over something

My mom and I spent 50% of the night laughing at Steve and Uncle Pat playing Wii. They are like kids!

Gabbie and Peyton

Gabbie loves this rocking chair.

fake smile time

Gabbie had to get in on the action. Notice Steve's face! He was so serious.


Bobbi said...

Sorry to hear about her ear troubles. Hope the tubes help. Also, that her belly gets better. The meds can be tough on them.

Sounds like a fun family time. I have got to get me a Wii--they look fun.

Rhonda said...

Hope she is feeling better on the antibiotics. I had to laugh at the WII motions! It is funny to watch everyone truly getting into "it"

Rhonda said...

Sent you a "tag" for Christmas wishes!!!!
Please play :-)