Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gosh I love this baby girl!

Another weekend has come to an end. I am amazed at how fast it was. Gabbie was really terrific this weekend! The hitting is so much better. She seems to finally be adjusting to the time change - hope I didn't jinx it by saying that!!! Last week she was waking up between 4-5:15. We have been putting her to bed this weekend at 7:45ish and both days she has slept until at least 6:00. I feel so well rested!

We had a great weekend. I got to go to lunch with my mom for my birthday which is Wednesday. Mom and I then went to the toy store and I scored an incredible deal on a dollhouse I wanted for Gabbie for Christmas. It was $150 and I got it for $105!!!! Tonight we went to dinner for my birthday with Steve's parents at one of my favorite local restaurants. I am stuffed but it was so delicious. It was a great weekend.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in less than 3 weeks and then Christmas is around the corner! I can't wait! Mom and I were just talking about how we used to dread the holidays since my father passed 10 years ago but now that Gabbie is home they have a whole new meaning! We are both excited! I love it!

Now for pictures. Tonight Gabbie was hiding from daddy and he asked -where's my baby. She said promptly - right here. Then he asked her over and over again teasing her and she shouted - I'm right here. We laughed so hard. She is growing up so much.

Her hiding spot!

Before dinner

My sweet girl.

She was running from me here and laughing so hard.


Bobbi said...

She is growing up!!

Happy Birhtday. All the special days are more enjoyable with our children.

Jenn said...

GOD she's just SOOO beautiful! she has such an angelic face. every time i look at her, i just fall in love all over again...i can only imagine how you two must feel daily!
now...if only i can get that way about my own children!
(this sounds bad to outsiders...i LOVE my children, and they are all beautiful (little devils)).

Rhonda said...

OH Angie, how fun! What a fun weekend and happy EARLY birthday!!!